Salman Khan will not be seen in Bigg Boss anymore?

16 Jan 2018 | By Ankita Chakravarti
Salman Khan talks about Bigg Boss

What Amitabh Bachchan was to 'Kaun Banega Crorepati', Salman Khan is to 'Bigg Boss'. We can not imagine these shows without these loyal hosts.

But seems like Salman is now done with Bigg Boss. During a recent backstage chat with designer Ashley Rebello, he had a rather unsure reaction about Bigg Boss hitting on floor next season.

Here's what he said.

In context: Salman Khan talks about Bigg Boss

16 Jan 2018Salman Khan will not be seen in Bigg Boss anymore?

DetailsHere's how things transpired

During a backstage interaction with Rebello, Salman said, "Let's see if there's a new season of Bigg Boss next year or not?"

Ashley also shared the video on social media to pique viewers' interest.

However, the channel in a tweet hinted that Bigg Boss will definitely have another season. So, did Salman mean he would not host the show anymore?

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Here's what Colors tweeted

Bigg Boss's history of seasons

SeasonsBigg Boss's history of seasons

The Indian reality show Bigg Boss was inspired by the Dutch TV series Big Brother.

It became a rage on television since the day it was announced, partly because of the nature of the show and partly because of Salman's unique style.

Usually, the gap between the seasons is 8-9 months, but this time with Salman seeming disinterested one can not predict.