Is Bipasha Basu really pregnant?

18 Jan 2018 | By Ankita Chakravarti
Bipasha Basu's pregnancy

The world can't get enough of two of the most speculated topics in Bollywood - Salman Khan's marriage and Bipasha Basu's pregnancy.

Every now and then, it is speculated that she is pregnant.

The actress earlier took it in good humor, but now she seems vexed with the whole thing recurring on and on.

Here's what she has to say.

In context: Bipasha Basu's pregnancy

18 Jan 2018Is Bipasha Basu really pregnant?

DetailsHow did the speculations arise this time?

Both Bipasha and Karan were spotted outside a spa in Mumbai. Bipasha donned a loose-fitted maxi dress and kept the bag on her lap when the shutterbugs approached her. This was later mistaken as Bipasha trying to hide her baby bump.

Last year also, a similar thing had happened and Bipasha had to tweet to rubbish the rumours surrounding her pregnancy.

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Here's what an annoyed Bipasha tweeted

TweetsHere's what an annoyed Bipasha tweeted

Perplexed with the hype surrounding her pregnancy, Bipasha took to Twitter to express her agony.

"Amused yet again. I kept a bag on my lap while getting into my car and certain media people started my pregnancy speculation again. Guys, I am not pregnant. Kinda getting irritating. Stay calm... it will happen only when we want it," she wrote.

A tweet by Bipasha