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19 Jan 2018

Filmfare awards: Is there any amount of credibility left?

Filmfare nomination list

Filmfare announced its nomination list for the 63rd Filmfare awards 2018 and like every year, we are amazed at the award company's criteria to pick the best performers of the year.

Sometimes it looks like a deliberate attempt to please the A-listers, while sometimes it is the sheer ignorance.

Do we really need award shows to judge the abilities of an actor?

In context

Filmfare nomination list
An Oscar-nominated film has no place in Filmfare nominations


An Oscar-nominated film has no place in Filmfare nominations

It is an undeniable fact that 2017 belonged to Rajkummar, from being a part of an Oscar-nominated film to giving a series of hit films, he became the undisputed king of Box office.

But to much of everyone's surprise, neither he nor his film could secure a place in Filmfare's nominations for Best Film and Best Actor.

Suprisingly, he is nominated for Best-Supporting actor.

Akshay Kumar

Last year, Akshay Kumar was dissed despite stellar performances

Akshay Kumar, whose film 'Airlift' worked like a charm at the box office in 2016, couldn't manage to secure a place in the nominations list of Filmfare awards.

Although, 'Dangal' was the biggest blockbuster of 2016 and it certainly deserved the award but Akshay's film could have featured in nominations list.

However, this was not the first time with Akshay, 'Baby' too was ignored.

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Not all the actors got their credit for 'Dangal'


Not all the actors got their credit for 'Dangal'

'Dangal' became the film of the millennium and keeping that in mind all the award shows were right in awarding it, but were all the actors other than Aamir, were credited? Well, no.

If we go by the nomination-list of 2017, Sakshi Tanwar who deserved a nomination for supporting role and Fatima Sheikh for the best debutant, didn't get a place in Filmfare's nominations.

Aamir Khan

Also, the reason why most actors give it a miss

Aamir's absence from the award shows was mistaken for arrogance until people found out the real reason behind it.

It all started when SRK got an award for DDLJ but Aamir believed that he deserved an award for Rangeela. He was convinced that the organizers were biased and since then he doesn't take awards seriously.

Kangana and Ajay Devgn have now joined the bandwagon.

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