Missing lions make their way back in Kenya

20 Feb 2016 | By Ramya
Stray lions on the loose in Nairobi

Six lions which had reportedly escaped out of the Nairobi National Park, Kenya before dawn on 19 February have returned to the park after several hours.

Two lions had made their way back by afternoon on the same day, but the others were back only by predawn on 20 February.

Officials said that lions have been spotted in the army barracks outside the park.

In context: Stray lions on the loose in Nairobi

22 Jun 2012Pride of lions on the loose in Nairobi

A pride of eight lions escaped from of the Nairobi National park in June 2012.

A Maasai warriors' group spotted these lions and speared six of them to death, as a part of their tradition.

Wildlife officials said that the killers were arrested for the crime of killing wildlife.

Four lion cubs were sent to an orphanage after their mother's killing.

17 Dec 2015Conservationists fear damage to wildlife

The Kenyan government proposed to develop the Standard Gauge Railway Phase II that would travel through the Nairobi National Park.

Previously, the Kenya Wildlife Service signed a deal with the Transport Ministry to allow 89 acres of the park for the completion of the Nairobi Southern Bypass.

But, wildlife conservationists had opposed this move and said that it would damage the wildlife habitat.

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Home for endangered animals

The Nairobi National Park was established in 1946 as a seasonal park. The total area of the park is about 117.21 square kilometers. It remains a home for many endangered species of animals.
Six lions escape from Nairobi National Park

19 Feb 2016Six lions escape from Nairobi National Park

The Nairobi National Park authorities started a search-operation to find six lions that had escaped from the park on 19 February.

Officials believe that the lions had escaped from the Lang'ata army barracks nearby.

It was unclear how the lions managed to escape out of the park's heavy electric-fencing.

Locals were asked to report any sightings and were advised not to confront the lions.

19 Feb 2016Terrified locals stay locked in

Rangers and vets with tranquilizer guns combed the areas of Kibera district which is one of Africa's largest slums.

Several calls poured in after the Kenya Wildlife Service advised the residents to call their toll-free number in case they spot a lion.

The residents of the surrounding densely-populated areas were angry and anxious by the news and scared to come out onto the streets.

Possible reasons for escape

Officials said that the lioness which was found along with its cub in the search operation might have walked out to find a place to give birth, as it was quite concerned about her cub’s safety.
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20 Feb 2016Missing lions make their way back in Kenya