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31 Jan 2018

Americans dance to 'Ghoomar', while Indians ban it

Americans dance to Ghoomar

From attacking schools, setting buses ablaze to putting a bounty of Deepika's nose, Padmaavat has seen it all.

In addition, the celebrated song of the movie, 'Ghoomar' has also seen its fair share of criticism.

While certain fringe elements have toiled hard to ban it, the song has nearly become a dance anthem in America.

Here's why.

In context

Americans dance to Ghoomar
Ghoomar: Videshi moves, desi song


Ghoomar: Videshi moves, desi song

What should have been the other way round, the Americans find 'Ghoomar' an absolute joy to dance on.

During an NBA match, American-Indian dancers performed the 'Ghoomar' dance on the basketball courts and the crowd was overjoyed to see their "videshi" moves on a "desi" song.

The match was held on January 28 between Charlotte Hornets and Miami Heat.

You can watch the beautiful video here

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