Amitabh Bachchan suffers drop in followers, is angry with Twitter

01 Feb 2018 | By NewsBytes Desk

Amitabh Bachchan is no longer the most followed Indian movie star on Twitter. Of course, he is angry. So much so that he has threatened to leave the micro-blogging site.

The megastar has reportedly lost about 60,000 followers. With his 32.9 million strong follower base, he is now second to Shah Rukh Khan, who has 33 million followers.

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In context: Amitabh Bachchan threatens to leave Twitter

01 Feb 2018Amitabh Bachchan suffers drop in followers, is angry with Twitter

When Big B threatened Twitter

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America cracks down on agencies selling fake followers

BackstoryAmerica cracks down on agencies selling fake followers

The sharp drop in Bachchan's Twitter followers may have a global context.

The New York Times recently did an investigative story exploring social media's black-market, overflowing with fake followers.

It triggered American federal and state agencies to probe controversial agencies selling unauthentic followers. As a result, several prominent celebrities, athletes, pundits and politicians across the world have lost over a million followers on Twitter.

Twitter's responseTwitter working towards weeding out unauthentic profiles

Twitter India didn't comment. However, it reiterated an earlier statement made by its parent organization, saying it would take action against Devumi, the company behind most fake followers and artificial engagement.

"The tactics used by Devumi on our platform and others as described by NYT article violate our policies and are unacceptable. We are working to stop them and any companies like them."

Online footprintBachchan is an earnest user of social media

The 74-year-old is among the select tribe of celebrities who take their social media profiles seriously.

Bachchan is extremely active on online platforms, and diligently shares nuggets about his personal life and work with his fans.

He was also among the first few stars to maintain a daily blog. His is on Tumblr.