02 Feb 2018

'Ghoomar on Ice' by figure skating champion goes viral

'Padmaavat' has had its shares of downs, but now that it has been released, it's causing a storm among fans.

The song 'Ghoomar,' once attacked as "offensive," has been a major hit.

From Mulayam Singh's daughter-in-law to American dancers at an NBA match, everyone's rocking to the song.

Now figure skating champion Mayuri Bhandari has gone viral for her 'Ghoomar Dance on Ice' performance.


'As a Rajasthani, I skate to this song with pride!'

'As a Rajasthani, I skate to this song with pride!'

Dressed in a red blouse and skirt along with a dupatta, Mayuri is seen twirling to the track on an ice rink as she effortlessly dances on skates.

"In honor of the film Padmaavat's release, here is my ice skating tribute to the beautiful song Ghoomar! As a Rajasthani, I skate to this song with pride!" she captioned the YouTube video.

Video viewed 20,000 times in a week

Since being shared on January 26, the video has almost 20,000 views till 12:30pm today. "Terrific performance. Elegant and graceful," writes one commenter. "Really talented," another says. Almost all comments laud the beautiful performance.

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Ghoomar: Videshi moves, desi song

In a separate incident, earlier it was reported that during an NBA match, American-Indian dancers performed the 'Ghoomar' dance on the basketball court. The crowd was overjoyed to see their "videshi" moves on a "desi" song.

The match was held on January 28 between Charlotte Hornets and Miami Heat.

Ironically, Americans found an absolute joy to dance on the melodious tune of the song.

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