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15 Feb 2018

Fresh trouble disrupts Kapil Sharma's new beginning

Kapil Sharma lands himself in fresh trouble

Fresh troubles have caught up to Kapil Sharma who seemed to have moved past the bad phase with the announcement of his comeback show. The ace comedian just recently started making news for the right reasons but is now back under the dubious spotlight.

A complaint has been filed against the funnyman in Amritsar by the Independent Students Federation.

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Kapil Sharma lands himself in fresh trouble
Kapil's late night drive lands him in soup


Kapil's late night drive lands him in soup

The comedy king recently visited his hometown Amritsar where he went for a late night bike ride. Kapil posted his video of riding the motorcycle on his Twitter account.

Soon, the President of the aforementioned federation, Keshav Kohli, lodged a complaint against Kapil for allegedly violating the traffic rules.

Kapil is yet to make an official statement on the matter.

Here's the clip that Kapil posted

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New beginning

Gearing up for a new inning on TV

Kapil has been directing his focus towards his comeback show of late. The teaser of the show, which is titled as 'Family Time With Kapil Sharma', was released a few days back.

Here's hoping that the comedian manages a successful comeback.

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