Using curse words isn't always bad. Here's why


23 Feb 2018

Why it is okay if MS Dhoni swears

When Captain Cool cusses, it trends.

Countless memes of MS Dhoni using a Hindi expletive to chide Manish Pandey for being inattentive during Wednesday's India-South Africa T20I have flooded social media.

However, loyal fans refuse to believe that MSD said the B-word. But why? So what if he swore? It's okay, say researchers, who claim cursing can be healthy if done judiciously.

Here's how.

Twitter can't have enough of Dhoni abusing Manish Pandey


Intelligent people swear more

Though we have been conditioned to believe otherwise, being a potty mouth is in fact a reflection of several positive personality traits, studies have found over the years.

For instance, a research by University of Rochester published in the Personality and Individual Differences journal in August last year claims that smarter people are more likely to curse than others.

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Cursing improves stamina, the ability to tolerate pain

Why are athletes and sailors often foul-mouths? Why do people who swear infrequently tend to cuss when working out in a gym?

Turns out, cussing enhances stamina and the ability to tolerate pain. It also makes you stronger, reported psychologists from the University of Keele in May last year.

Does this explain the six that Dhoni hit right after his little go at profanity?


Virat Kohli, Tanmay Bhat swear by its benefits

Virat Kohli, Tanmay Bhat swear by its benefits

Virat Kohli, Indian cricket team's captain, notoriously famous for his colorful, unrestrained language, has often said that showing aggression on field helps him perform better.

Tanmay Bhat, All India Bakchod's co-founder, who has been on a weight-loss regimen for a while now, once candidly revealed that his fitness trainer hurls abuses at him on request to egg him on to exercise harder.

Overall wellness

People who curse are happier, more trustworthy

It's only logical. Once you say them out loud, it's out of your system, leaving no room for negativity or toxicity, hence making you feel lighter.

Also, potty mouths are thought to be more straightforward, authentic and are therefore trusted more, found a 2017 study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science.

Do you agree?


This article does not aim to promote profanity in any way. It just uses science to establish that swearing doesn't always have to be toxically demeaning. It can be used constructively too. Moreover, not all who curse are degenerates. Sometimes, they are mindfuckingly brilliant.

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