Facebook to build slang word dictionary soon

11 Mar 2016 | By Ramya
Major changes made by Facebook

Facebook would soon build a dictionary of slang words used on the social networking site.

Reportedly, Facebook is working on software that would scan for words used in Facebook posts or comments, and decide whether a repetitive-word has certain meaning among a bunch of users.

New words could be added to the glossary by user polls, and words are removed if their popularity decreases.

In context: Major changes made by Facebook

Facebook’s ‘people talking about this’ feature removed

Facebook had removed one of its most popular page-insights called ‘People Talking About This’ in March 2014. The feature was first introduced in 2011. It used to represent the number of people engaged with a particular page over a week.

28 Oct 2015Facebook removes 'other' inbox feature

Facebook had announced that it would remove one of its messaging features, the 'other' message inbox.

The 'other' inbox used to store the messages that were sent by people who aren't friends with a particular user.

After the removal of the feature, users would get a 'message request' if some non-friend sends a message.

The feature would be available on desktop and 'Messenger' versions.

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5 Feb 2016Facebook newsfeed to undergo significant changes

Facebook had announced that its newsfeed would get a new makeover and said that the newsfeed algorithm would be changed.

Users would start seeing posts they are interested in at the top, which would be determined based on how much they like, comment, share or click on posts.

Users could see their favorite page or friend's posts first using the 'see first' feature.

Birthdays will never be the same

Facebook introduced a new feature called ‘Birthday Cam’ which lets a user record a 15-second-video message and post it to another user’s timeline on their birthday. The feature is available on iOS but, would soon be released on Android.

24 Feb 2016Facebook launches animated reaction emojis

Facebook had globally introduced reaction emojis after experimenting with few more alternatives to the traditional 'Like' button over a year.

Users could still use the trademark 'Like' button in addition to the six animated reaction emojis.

The six animated reaction emojis include: Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry.

Users also get notifications about the reactions on their posts similar to the 'like' notifications.

9 Mar 2016Facebook acquires MSQRD face-swapping app

Facebook had acquired the company behind one of the most popular face-swapping apps, MSQRD.

Reportedly, Facebook might soon include MSQRD's face-swapping filters in the Facebook app while leaving the MSQRD app operational as a free standalone app.

MSQRD has animated filters ranging from celeb masks, dynamic face effects and swapping faces in a picture that could be used while taking pictures or recording videos.

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11 Mar 2016Facebook to build slang word dictionary soon