Snapdeal trolls Flipkart's #AchhaKiya campaign

22 Jun 2015 | By Siripriya
Famous trolls against competitors

Snapdeal has taken over Flipkart's #AchhaKiya campaign by launching their own #YahanSeKharido campaign.

Flipkart's new campaign is "Watched match in HD? Found the same TV? Wife also said yes? But shopping? Nahin Kiya? #AchhaKiya".

This was targeted by Snapdeal with "Achha kiya bata diya. #YahanSeKharido".

Snapdeal is targeting Flipkart not just on social media but offline also by installing their hoardings just below Flipkart's.

In context: Famous trolls against competitors

20 Feb 2014DHL trolls it the smart way

DHL took the trolling thing to a whole new level by getting the employees of their rival companies to carry packages having DHLs direct advertisements.

The company used boxes which were made of thermo-reactive foil which are totally black in colour when cold.

But eventually when the employees took them out to deliver, the foil warmed up to display bright DHL advertisements.

21 Feb 2015Flipkart and Amazon clash on Twitter

Twitter exploded when a picture of an Amazon packet was photographed at Flipkart's office.

Flipkart responded to the tweet by saying they were using Amazon's package as their reception dustbin.

To this, Amazon responded, "There is a bit of Amazon in every e-commerce company. #justsaying".

Flipkart had to eventually bow down before that fantastic reply. They tweeted, "@redditindia @amazonIN We'll drink to that".

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Witty Twitter Spat between Stayzilla and Oyo rooms

10 Mar 2015Witty Twitter Spat between Stayzilla and Oyo rooms

Stayzilla took on Oyo rooms after they found the latter stealing traffic from their site by using Stayzilla's brand name on their Google Adwords copy.

Stayzilla tweeted to them about the issue and started trolling them to stop them from infringing their trademark by making jokes on them.

One of the tweets was, "#OYoMama Rooms so Small, her carpet is our welcome mat! @oyorooms".

16 Mar 2015Housing gets trolled by commonfloor

The real-estate website housing. com got trolled by commonfloor. com earlier this year.

The company's hoarding said, "Start your new life today. LOOK UP.~Housing"

Commonfloor responded by placing their hoardings above Housing ones which said, "Thank you, for looking upto us. ~commonfloor. com"

This started a photoshop war where people flooded the internet with photoshopped hoardings of other companies also above these two.

7 Jun 2015Hindu slays TOI again and again!

It seems The Hindu can't get enough of trolling Times of India.

This time they got their own advertisement published in TOI which said, "WANTED: A Groom who reads Hindu. At least they read their ads before they post them."

They earlier troll had an ad going like, "Because government malfunctions matter more than wardrobe malfunctions. The Hindu. Stay Ahead of times."

22 Jun 2015Snapdeal trolls Flipkart's #AchhaKiya campaign