Troll threatens Richa Chadha with rape, death


11 May 2018

Richa Chadha hits back after being threatened with rape, death

Online trolling has hit a new low as Richa Chadha received rape and death threats on Twitter.

The actress, who has never shied away from voicing her opinion on various issues, recently tweeted her take on Hindutva supporters.

While most of the people condemned her for her remarks, one particular user did not know any bounds.

Here's what Richa had written


Haters did not spare Richa

Haters did not spare Richa

Agitated by Richa's tweet, haters slammed her left, right and center.

However, a user named Adv Vivek Garg went on to write, "Pehlu ,Ahlawat,aise roz 100 muslim okhaade jaate hai aur Indian agencies ke jariye roz 1000 musalmaano ko marwa dete hai danke ki chot par ...Kisi Richa aur Teri behen ki bhi lenge Pure zamane ke saamne."

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Richa's counter attack


Twitter found 'no violation' of its community standards

In what came as another rude shock for Richa, Twitter did not find anything objectionable with the threatening message.

When another user asked her to report the 'specific' tweet, she wrote, "I did. They said 'no violation within context'."

Several people came out in her support and targeted those at the helm of the micro-blogging website.


Richa's Bollywood colleagues stepped up for her

Richa's Bollywood colleagues stepped up for her

Swara Bhaskar extended her support to Richa and wrote, "The kind of abuse and slander @RichaChadha is facing on #Twitter amounts to harassment quite clearly. @TwitterIndia @Twitter u wanna take some action and block these accounts."

"You must report this. Twitter needs to take responsibility for this. They cannot provide a platform to people who openly threaten to rape, maim women," wrote Pooja Bhatt.

Farhan Akhtar too called out Twitter management

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