Sacred Games: For 'insulting' Rajiv Gandhi, complaint filed against Nawazuddin

10 Jul 2018 | By Shalini Ojha
Sacred Games: Congress-worker files complaint against Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Netflix's first original Indian series 'Sacred Games' may have been getting rave reviews from critics and viewers alike, but the eight-part series got on the wrong foot of a Congress worker. He reportedly filed a complaint against Nawazuddin Siddiqui and the producers for insulting former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

The complaint was registered in Kolkata police by Rajiv Sinha, who alleged it distorted facts.

In context: Sacred Games: Congress-worker files complaint against Nawazuddin Siddiqui

10 Jul 2018Sacred Games: For 'insulting' Rajiv Gandhi, complaint filed against Nawazuddin

The contentionNetflix series misinterpreted facts, according to Congress worker

In the complaint registered at Girish Park Police Station, Sinha alleged in one scene the former Prime Minister was referred to in a derogatory manner.

In his complaint, Sinha said the Netflix series "abused our late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi calling him fattu, which translated as pu*** in the subtitle."

Further, Sinha accused the series of 'misrepresenting facts during his regime.'

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Understanding the scene which prompted the complaint

The sceneUnderstanding the scene which prompted the complaint

Rajiv Sinha had a problem with the fourth episode titled 'Brahmahatya', in which Ganesh Gaitonde slammed Rajiv Gandhi for playing politics in the landmark Shah Bano case.

In the dialogue, Gaitonde accuses Gandhi of overturning the court's judgement which infuriated Hindus. Further, he said to please Hindus, Gandhi ensured 'Ramayana' played on televisions.

"The serial also crosses all limits of decency," Sinha complained.

DetailsRajiv Sinha thinks a political motive is involved

Speaking to a television channel, Rajiv Sinha alleged the show's content needs to be investigated and said it was released with a political motive, more so with the Lok Sabha elections scheduled next year.

"Who is writing these dialogues? Who is instigating the actor to say them? This needs to be probed," he said.

The teams from Netflix and 'Sacred Games' haven't commented yet.

Reviews'Sacred Games' has left viewers in awe, and rightly so

'Sacred Games' juggles between two timezones- one that shows Gaitonde's rise amid major political events like Emergency, Babri Masjid demolition, and another one concentrates on Sartaj Singh's (Saif Ali Khan) fight against time to save Mumbai from an impending threat.

With its crisp writing, daring dialogues, fantastic editing and amazing direction, the show has become a favorite of many, sooner than one would expect.