SRK's warm-reply on why he married so early


15 Jul 2018

SRK's reason for marrying 'early' is a lesson for everyone

It was in 1991 that Shah Rukh Khan tied the knot with his sweetheart Gauri Khan, but the couple has always been asked why they got married so early.

Back then, SRK was still a star in the making and struggling to find meaty roles.

Now, the King of Bollywood has told us the reason behind the decision and it's a lesson for all.

The reply

There were two reasons for SRK's marriage, he says

There were two reasons for SRK's marriage, he says

Shah Rukh Khan conducted an #AskSRK session on Instagram on Saturday. One user asked, "Why did you marry so early, Sir?"

To this, SRK replied, "Bhai love aur luck kabhi bhi aa jaate hain. So both came early with Gauri."

In other words, SRK was lucky to find love, he says. There go all our hearts at his sweetness!

What we understood from SRK's reply

Like SRK hinted in his reply, one can never be sure what time has in store for them. For SRK, Gauri's love came early. For others, it takes longer than that. There isn't really a rulebook. The key, for those seeking love, is patience.

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Chat session

On #AskSRK, SRK gave his characteristic witty answers

Staying true to his form, SRK had some sarcastic and witty replies to dozens of questions thrown at him.

One user wrote, "Will you marry me, Sir?" to which he replied, "Of course, please ask your parents when."

When another asked why he was so cute, SRK credited it to his dimples, and also called Salman Khan his 'bro'.

A fun session, indeed.

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