Bigg Boss: Kamal Haasan remarks miff Jayalalithaa's followers


03 Aug 2018

Bigg Boss: Kamal Haasan under fire for allegedly defaming Jayalalithaa

Kamal Haasan, the host of 'Bigg Boss Tamil' is in hot water over his remarks on dictators.

The famous actor-turned-politician faces a lawsuit on grounds that his remarks regarding what happened to dictators in Tamil Nadu was an attempt to defame late Jayalalithaa, the former Chief Minister.

The complaint was filed by lawyer Louisal Ramesh against Haasan, the show, and Vijay TV.

What happened

Looking back: Why is Haasan at center of controversy

Looking back: Why is Haasan at center of controversy

Let's first understand the context: In an episode, a house dictator among the inmates had to be nominated, who ensured others performed tasks. Aishwarya Dutta, who became the dictator, botched the task by throwing garbage at one of the contestants.

That weekend, Haasan reprimanded the contestants and went on to say, "You know what happened to the dictators who ruled the state."

This comment sparked outrage.

The row

Haasan's comment was defamatory towards Jayalalithaa, complainant alleges

While viewers were shocked at the distasteful action of throwing garbage at a contestant being aired, it was Haasan's lecture which got on the wrong foot of many.

The complaint filed against Haasan claimed that his remark was pointed towards the deceased AIADMK leader.

Further, it was alleged the remark was defamatory as Jayalalithaa's rule was peaceful.

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Scripted show

The charges are against 'Bigg Boss' too

The charges are against 'Bigg Boss' too

The charges are not only against Haasan, but against the show as well.

Ramesh, who's bringing the charges, has claimed that the show is completely scripted and Haasan is a part of it. He alleged producers told each and every contestant how to act and what to do.

This, of course, points to a deeper problem of the garbage throwing being premeditated.


As it turns out, 'Bigg Boss' isn't new to controversy

'Bigg Boss Tamil' isn't new to controversies. The 'dictator' comment kicked up some dust recently but the show had been facing troubles from the start.

Earlier, a fringe activist group called Hindu Makkal Katchi had staged protests outside the show's office saying that the content was obscene and offended their culture.

Haasan, however, had dismissed these claims proclaiming his faith in the system.

New direction

Separately, Haasan has forayed into politics

Separately, Haasan has forayed into politics

Haasan competed with none other than Rajinikanth for the top spot in the cinematic field, for ages.

And now, he has taken the rivalry to a whole new level, a political one.

He has floated a new party called Makkal Needhi Maiam, and has been quite vocal about problems faced by Tamil Nadu citizens.

Let's see how this second inning turns out to be.

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