Hema Malini's tweets cause a social media outrage

9 Jul 2015 | By Siripriya

Hema Malini's tweets condemning the father for the accident brought out an array of angry reactions on social media.

The Twitterati slammed her for her lack of humanity, some even calling her "100% politician, 0% humanitarian."

Others blamed her for not having taken the child along with herself to the hospital.

In context: Actor vs common man: who to blame?

3 Jul 2015Hema Malini car accident; child killed

A child named Sonam died in an accident in Dausa when a Maruti Alto rammed into actor turned politician Hema Malini's Mercedes.

Police sources said that the actor's driver had been speeding but it is also being considered that the Alto driver may not have paid attention.

The 4 year old was killed, while two were injured.

Hema Malini was released with two stitches.

Rajasthan CM offers condolences to child's family

Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje tweeted, "Deeply saddened by the news of Dausa accident. I pray for the victims. We're making all efforts to provide immediate relief and medical care."
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Hema Malini's driver arrested

4 Jul 2015Hema Malini's driver arrested

The Rajasthan police arrested BJP MP Hema Malini's driver over negligent driving following the fatal accident.

The police had earlier registered a FIR against the driver after it was largely alleged that the collision had taken place because of his overspeeding.

The driver was released hours after his arrest on bail.

4 Jul 2015Malini receives medic-care; dead girl unattended for 20 mins

Sonam's (who died in the accident) family alleged that the little girl could have been saved if she had been rushed to the hospital as was done in Hema Malini's case.

The girl was taken to the hospital 20 minutes after the accident.

Malini has come under scathing attack for not having provided assistance to the deceased girl.

Hema Malini to provide money to crash victims

Esha Deol, Hema Malini's elder daughter said that the MP would be giving financial assistance to the victims, not because "she was a neta (leader), but because she was a good human being."

8 Jul 2015Hema Malini starts the blame game

Hema Malini tweeted offering her condolences to the family of Sonam.

However, she put the blame for the accident on the deceased's father, saying that a life was 'unnecessarily' lost because the driver of the Alto had not paid heed to traffic rules.

In her tweets, she also thanked people for their concern and condemned the media for trying to sensationalize the issue.

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8 Jul 2015Dead girl's father lashes back at Hema Malini

After Malini's volley of tweets, Hanuman Khandelwal, the girl's father asked her to "stop playing the blame game".

He refuted Malini's accusation that he had flouted traffic rules, saying that he was neither speeding nor on the wrong side of the road.

He further condemned the MP for having such a "small soch (thinking)" and that she would blame him while shielding her driver.

8 Jul 2015Hema Malini's tweets cause a social media outrage