Singer Shaan talks about his absence from Bollywood music scene

15 Sep 2018 | By Garima Bora
Shaan reveals about his absence from Bollywood music

Singer Shaan says the primary reason for his absence from Bollywood music scene is the fact that the newer generation has taken over the industry, leaving fewer opportunities for senior artistes like him.

The voice behind hits like 'Bum bum bole' and 'Chand Sifarish' among others, says he was disheartened for a brief period as not much work was coming his way.

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In context: Shaan reveals about his absence from Bollywood music

15 Sep 2018Singer Shaan talks about his absence from Bollywood music scene

Difficult phaseI have worked on my shortcomings now: Shaan

Recalling his low phase, Shaan said, "From 2010 to 2013-14, I wasn't able to understand what was happening. Why I wasn't getting the work that I was getting earlier? I couldn't understand but I figured that it happens as new people come in and they take over."

"But now, my belief in my own singing has grown. I've worked on my shortcomings," he said.

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Shaan's now busy making independent music, ad films

New pathShaan's now busy making independent music, ad films

Shaan says he's now busy doing his own independent music, ad-films, and collaborations.

"With film songs, the A-league stuff isn't happening. I've been open to the idea of singing for newer production houses. Many advised me to not take this up. I feel, I was new at some point of a time in my life and somebody did give me an opportunity," he said.

Live concertsShaan believes people are enjoying live concerts more nowadays

Shaan believes doing live concerts are the best way of connecting with the fans.

"Music as an industry is going through a lot of changes. I don't know how well paying it is to be a singer today. If you can entertain through live performances then sky is the limit as people enjoy it. People are enjoying it," the singer adds.

'DuckTales'Shaan, his son recently reprised 'DuckTales' track in Hindi

Meanwhile, Shaan and his son Shubh reprised the popular 'DuckTales' track in Hindi.

"The jingle came to me quickly as somewhere it was in my head. It is an iconic show," he said.

Shaan says the track complements the sense of excitement of the show and it was fun recording the Hindi version especially because he shared the experience with his son.

Watch 'DuckTales' on Disney India from October 1

Back in the '90s, 'DuckTales' used to air on Doordarshan in Hindi and now Disney India channel is set to re-launch the adventures of Uncle Scrooge and his family in the reboot. 'DuckTales' will be aired on Disney India channel from October 1.

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