'Bigg Boss 12': Dipika Kakar strategy revealed


18 Sep 2018

#BiggBoss12: Is Dipika Kakar the new Shilpa Shinde of house?

'Bigg Boss 12' is here and the popular reality show is doing every bit to live upto audience's expectations.

The show has already witnessed some heated arguments on the first day itself, and it looks like this season will be a lot spicier.

While every contestant has his/her own strategy, it seems Dipika Kakar has planned to go the Shilpa Shinde's way.

Here's how.

Dipika in BB12

Taking command over kitchen

We all remember Shilpa's love for kitchen in BB11 which had even won her extra support from the audience.

This season, Dipika is planning to take up that role and be the kitchen queen in the BB house.

"I love cooking. I am just praying that the other contestants do not enjoy cooking. So, I would manage to take charge," Dipika told Indian Express.


Dipika's behavior will make you nostalgic (!)

Besides her love for cooking, Dipika's behavior is pretty similar to Shilpa's.

She has been seen as a peacemaker in the house who tries to prove her point in a smart and influential way.

Also, she is observant and have the quality to cajole people, which we had seen in Shilpa too.

Well, if this happens, it is going to be an interesting watch.

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Dipika gets into her first fight on 'Bigg Boss 12'

The actress recently got into an ugly argument with Saba and Somi Khan who accused her of being dominating.

It happened after Saba-Somi asked the housemates about the work they performed during the day.

To this Dipika replied saying, she isn't answerable to them. This led to a war of words amongst the ladies, and the other contestants had to intervene.

Somi initiates an argument with Dipika


Dipika's reaction towards Khan sisters wins hearts

While the ugly argument brought the Khan sisters under the radar, Dipika's reactions to it won hearts.

During the press conference task, Dipika called Saba-Somi impulsive and said they lack patience level which is highly required on BB.

She further stated that if they think that she is making people to do things according to her, then it is her strongest point.

Dipika proves as a stronger contender than Saba-Somi

BB12 nominations

Shilpa Shinde-Karan Patel to judge nominations

Shilpa Shinde-Karan Patel to judge nominations

While these fights are an integral part of the show, BB12 will witness an important segment tonight.

BB12 will have Shilpa Shinde and Karan Patel as guests who will play the moderator amongst the housemates.

But this is not all. They will also have a key role in the first nominations of BB12.

So let's see who will be nominated for elimination this week.

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