Millie Bobby Brown and Drake are 'lovely' friends


22 Sep 2018

14-year-old Millie Bobby Brown defends friendship with 31-year-old Drake

Millie Bobby Brown, popular for 'Stranger Things', recently took to Instagram to defend her relationship with Canadian rapper Drake.

Her response was quick on the tail of the controversy that exploded when netizens found out that Millie and Drake text each other regularly.

As reactions ranged from cool acceptance to regressive suspicion, Millie made it abundantly clear where she stands.

Here are the details.

The defense

Lot of pretty pretty boys, that she called friends

Lot of pretty pretty boys, that she called friends

Millie remarked on Instagram that people did not need to blow the 'lovely friendship' out of proportion.

She said, luckily she knew people who helped her further her career. Saying they were 'amazing' people who understood what she did, Millie clarified others cannot choose her friends for her.

Her defense ended by asking people to talk about more important things than her friendships.

The controversy

Millie, do you love him?

Notably, Millie spoke of their relationship at the Emmy Awards red carpet interview.

She remarked Drake was 'honestly fantastic' and she loved him. Notably, the two first met at Drake's concert in Australia.

They also text about how much they miss each other.

Drake evidently gives her advice about boys. However, Millie was coy about the advice saying 'that stays in the text messages'.

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In any case, what's the harm in some friendly advice

Millie's post about advice and her relationship with Drake where he advises her could be simply explained. Drake himself knows what it was like to be a young star in the industry. It is plausible that he is extending Millie some friendly pointers.

Fans on Drake

Brotherly advice or wrong tendencies?

Brotherly advice or wrong tendencies?

The controversy has fans divided.

Some remarked that their relationship is cool and Drake is being thoughtful to help her out.

However, there are others who find a 31-year-old man texting a 14-year-old girl about missing her, plain weird. Coupled with the fact that Drake is now dating 18-year-old Bella Harris, a model, they concluded that Drake's intentions towards Millie are impure.

Some are born to sweet delight

Some are born to endless night


Hold your judgmental horses

While the texting between people with age difference has sparked controversies, this writer opines that Millie's relationships are not ours to manage.

It is fine for a young star to seek advice from someone who is elder and has been through the same stages.

As for missing each other, did none of us ever have elder friends whom we missed?

Please, leave them alone!

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