Salman says Bollywood should make movies like Bahubali

16 Jul 2015 | By Siripriya

Bollywood actor Salman Khan has appreciated the Telugu film 'Bahubali' saying it is a good movie and Bollywood should try to make movies like that.

He said that making great movies like Bahubali should not be left only to southern cinema.

He further said that box office numbers scare him considering the kind of business Bahubali has done at the box office.

In context: Bahubali's unprecedented success!

Introduction What is Bahubali all about?

The Telugu-movie Bahubali revolves around the clash of two brothers to have control over a kingdom, which spans over two generations.

In this story, a tribal couple saves a drowning infant, Shivudu. He grows up to learn his real identity as the son of the great King Bahubali. He then goes on to take on his father's brother, the mighty Bhallala Deva.

9 Jan 2014Bahubali title controversy

A Jain temple in Karnataka, Bhatta Kalakar Soudha Swamiji Matt had sent legal notices to the makers of the film Bahubali.

The temple claimed that the title which is attributed to 'Mahavir Jain' stood for peace and sacrifice.

But the trailers of the movie were violent and war-mongering.

The producers later clarified that the movie had nothing to do with Jain religion.

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Money well spent!

Bahubali is India's most expensive movie. It has been made on a budget of approximately Rs 250 crore for both the parts of the movie, Bahubali: The Beginning and Bahubali: The Conclusion.
Bahubali released and already winning hearts all over

11 Jul 2015Bahubali released and already winning hearts all over

Bahubali received rave reviews from the audience as well as the critics after a day of its release.

Movie expert, Taran Adarsh said that the movie can be called a blockbuster today but tomorrow people will call it a classic.

People were in awe of the performances put in by the lead actors and the graphics of the movie which matched Hollywood standards.

14 Jul 2015Bahubali broke several technological records also

Apart from breaking many box-office records, Bahubali had broken several technological records also.

Through this film, the Digital Intermediate (DI) process had been attempted for the first time in India at a scale similar to that of Hollywood.

Hollywood level VFX work done by V Srinivas Mohan was blended with the DI shots to match the shots to the filmmaker's expectations.

One movie, five languages!

Bahubali was shot in both Telugu and Tamil and was later dubbed in Hindi, Malayalam and French. The second part of the movie is slated to release in 2016.
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16 Jul 2015Fastest to enter the 200 crore club

S.S. Rajamouli's direction, Bahubali had become the fastest Indian movie to enter the 200 crore club in just five days of its release.

The movie had broken all previous records made by Rajinikanth's 'Endiraan' and Shankar-Vikram's 'I'.

Making Rs 23 crore at the worldwide box office collection, the movie had gathered a whopping amount of Rs 215 crore in overall collections.

16 Jul 2015Salman says Bollywood should make movies like Bahubali