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11 Oct 2018

#ComicBytes: 5 worst acts done by the Joker

The Joker is one of DC Universe's most unpredictable villains.

A menacing man without an origin, he is a pure agent of chaos and has no limits. Thus his crimes are often horrific.

Although the films do not really show Joker's true evil, the comics have taken the clown prince's character to some pretty dark places.

Read the five worst things, the Joker did.

In context

The worst crimes committed by the Joker


Loaded god complex, cock it and pull it

The Joker's true craziness lies in the potential to hurt himself.

In Frank Miller's 1986 comic, 'The Dark Knight Returns', Batman breaks Joker's spine but refuses to kill him. This pushes the Joker to break his own neck.

The sheer willpower to die that way is terrifying and the Joker managed the last laugh there as well, as cops suspected Batman for killing him.

Gordon's wife

The end of all happiness

Commissioner Jim Gordon is Joker's repeated target.

In 'Detective Comics #741', Gordon and Sarah Essen were married. When Sarah found Joker kidnapping babies, she pulled a gun on him.

The Joker tossed a baby at her and shot her in the head as she tried to catch it.

The horrific scene where the baby crawls over her bloody corpse remains etched in our brains.

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Lois Lane

If he went crazy, would you call him Superman?

In 'Injustice' comics Joker executed a horrific plan.

He gave Superman a variant of Scarecrow's fear toxin, leading him to believe he was fighting Doomsday till the toxin wore off.

He realized it was his pregnant wife Lois Lane whom he killed.

As an overkill, Joker ensured that Lane's death detonated a nuclear bomb in Metropolis.

Losing his life and city drove Superman mad.

Jason Todd

A death in the family

The Joker has repeatedly, unsuccessfully, tried to harm Batman. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for his sidekick, Robin.

Jason Todd was the wonder boy when Joker blackmailed his mother into betraying him.

He ruthlessly beat Todd to apparent death with a crowbar.

This attack scarred Batman and made the feud with Joker personal.

Notably, Todd later returned as Batman's enemy, the Red Hood.

Barbara Gordon

The clown turns monstrous

Alan Moore's 'The Killing Joke' was one of Joker's most twisted portrayals.

In an effort to drive Jim Gordon insane, the Joker shot his daughter, Barbara, paralyzing her from the waist down. He then raped her.

Making matters worse, he took photographs of the crime which he forced Jim to watch.

If there was a previous doubt about Joker's monstrosity, there is none now.

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