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12 Oct 2018

James Gunn might direct Suicide Squad sequel

James Gunn, the director of 'Guardians of the Galaxy', was fired from Marvel for old offensive tweets circling around paedophilia and rape.

However, DC is looking to bring him in, to work on the script for Suicide Squad's sequel and to direct the film.

Considering Gunn's notoriety for treating superheroes irreverently and giving them a fresh twist, this could be the change DC needs.

In context

James Gunn jumps gun from Marvel to DC

Who can bring the Marvel success formula?

James Gunn's news of joining DC from Marvel marks the second occasion where a director who worked on Marvel projects was recruited by DC, the first being Joss Whedon. Notably, Whedon had worked on the first two Avengers movies before directing Justice League for DC.


Gunning for glory with perfect content

Both 'Suicide Squad' and 'Guardians of the Galaxy' show a group of characters who are no heroes but come together, set aside differences and save the day.

Gunn is notorious for irreverent takes on superheroes, so he could portray the Suicide Squad members as villains, forced to do the right thing instead of eventually turning them into heroes, like the first film.

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Cyanide, heavy metal, suicide

The content of 'Suicide Squad' is better suited to Gunn's sensibilities as they are reluctant saviors, forced to use their skills by the US government, against their will, self-interest and the threat of a collar that will make their head explode.

Creative freedom

The free hand that 'Suicide Squad' allows

Gunn helming 'Suicide Squad' gives him a lot of creative freedom since the members of the squad have always changed in comics over missions. The only constant has to be Amanda Waller, the squad's puppet master.

More importantly, Gunn could explore the political and moral ambiguity underlying many of the squad's missions, in comics. Knowing Gunn, he might make such a statement post-Marvel.

DC's choice

A daring step, or a terrible misstep

The new project would play to both Warner Bros. and Gunn's strengths since many fans found Disney's decision to fire Gunn from Marvel films a little harsh.

However, standing up for creative content and taking a chance with Gunn could backfire on DC.

Ultimately rape and paedophilia jokes are improper and working with a man who appeared unapologetic about it paints a problematic image.

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