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13 Oct 2018

#ComicBytes: Five worst things the Batman did

The caped crusader, Batman, uses his intelligence, resources and training to fight crime, often against villains who have superpowers.

Having no powers of his own, he resorts to meticulous planning that is fueled by his paranoia.

However, Batman, in his crime-fighting career has often crossed some lines and done terrible things.

Read about the five worst things done by Batman.

In context

The worst things done by Batman


A killer plan for his team-mates

One of Batman's defining character traits is his mistrusting paranoid nature. Being powerless, he planned contingencies for every Justice League hero.

While this seems prudent, what makes it really bad is that Batman kept it a secret.

He had to come clean when his plans were stolen and the Justice League's weakness was exploited to take down almost every member, thanks to Batman's arrogance.

Hanging criminals

Like a marionette, swaying to the symphony of death

The early Batman comics showed his capacity for violence.

In 'Batman #1', one of the caped crusader's earliest enemies, Doctor Hugo Strange injected lunatics with a serum turning them into bulletproof monsters.

Batman disposes of these monsters with extreme prejudice.

The gruesome way in which Batman strangles one of them from the plane and leaves the corpse hanging shows the vigilante's darkest side.

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A most terribly certain slow death

'Batman #420' saw the caped crusader fight KGBeast.

When the Dark Knight chased and cornered the villain in an empty room in sewers of Gotham, the vigilante refused to fight him.

Instead, he locks the door and reinforces it with wooden planks, trapping KGBeast to an almost certain death.

Though he justifies his actions as serving justice, Batman breaks his cardinal 'no killing' rule.


Cold Batman and an intentionally poor hire

Tim Drake's Robin hung up his cape when his father uncovered his secret identity.

Attempting to get Tim back, Batman hired his longtime girlfriend, Stephanie Brown, despite knowing she lacked the requisite skills and talent.

She incited a gang war to unite all criminals of Gotham but her plan fails and she gets killed by a leader, Black Mask.

Talk about intentional poor hiring!


The first cut is the deepest

In the 'Injustice' comics, when Cyborg tries to relocate Arkham's criminals to a more secure facility, Batman infects him with a virus.

Cyborg upgrades firewalls but fails to defend himself.

This is because Batman had coldly infected Cyborg and had been waiting to use it since they met.

Notably, at that time Cyborg was just a teenage football star suffering a traumatic injury.

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