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13 Oct 2018

Sussanne Khan on #MeToo: 'There are many false allegations'

Sussanne Khan speaks up on #MeToo movement

Bollywood's #MeToo has unearthed the dark side of the industry. Many people have voiced their opinions in support of the victims, while many have called it a mere publicity gimmick.

And now Hrithik Roshan's ex-wife Sussanne Khan has opened up on the burning issue.

She said people are misusing the #MeToo movement with a lot of false allegations.

Here's more on what she said.

In context

Sussanne Khan speaks up on #MeToo movement
#MeToo platform is being used badly, feels Sussanne

Sussanne's statement

#MeToo platform is being used badly, feels Sussanne

Sussanne stated that she senses a lot of pretense in the ongoing #MeToo movement.

She also said that people are misusing the social media platform which isn't a good thing.

She further said that victims must come up with legal evidences before making any accusation.

"They shouldn't make allegation on an individual without any legal evidence," she added.

Hrithik on #MeToo

Meanwhile, Hrithik Roshan supports #MeToo

Interestingly, on his part, Hrithik Roshan came out in support of #MeToo against his 'Super 30' director Vikas Bahl.

Vikas was accused of sexual misconduct by several women including Kangana Ranaut.

Hrithik said that it was impossible for him to work with someone who is guilty of such misconducts.

He even urged 'Super 30' makers to take a harsh stand against Vikas.

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Hrithik urges not to brush off the serious issue.

Earlier, Asrani, Shilpa Shinde called #MeToo a publicity gimmick

Publicity stunt

Earlier, Asrani, Shilpa Shinde called #MeToo a publicity gimmick

Not just Sussanne, veteran actor Asrani and 'Bigg Boss 11' winner Shilpa Shinde had also echoed similar thoughts.

Asrani said the accusations were part of a promotional strategy and one shouldn't take the campaign seriously.

Meanwhile, Shilpa also rubbished the movement saying there is no such thing called rape in the industry as everything happens consensually.

If only they understood what #MeToo stood for.

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