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14 Oct 2018

#GameOfThrones: Season 8 may kill Night King in shocking manner

Season 8 of 'Game of Thrones' is coming and fans will know what winter has in store.

The series has been teasing the threat of the White Walker army invading Westeros.

The last season finally saw the undead breach the wall. While Season 8 will predictably see full-fledged battles against the Walkers, a fan predicted an interesting theory about the Night King.

Here's more.

In context

'Game of Thrones' Night King's shocking death theory

White Walkers

A frosty bite from North of the wall

White Walkers are undead creatures who can freeze and convert people into their army.

Mindlessly set on destruction, they are said to rise every thousand years.

Walkers cannot be killed except by fire, obsidian which is also called Dragonglass or Valyrian steel.

The Night King is the leader of the Walker army, and Season 7 showed us he is incredibly good with a spear.

Political condition

The politics of Westeros in Season 8

Aware of the threatening power of the approaching White Walkers, Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow tried to enlist Cersei Lannister's help.

However, Cersei refused since Jon decided not to bend the knee as he had already accepted Daenerys as his queen.

With the two left to fight the undead, theories began that Jaime would kill his sister, Cersei, and help the young aspiring rulers.

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Fan theories

Fans pitch in on defeating the Night King

As Jon and Daenerys look to an extremely tough battle, fans have pitched in with helpful theories.

One suggests that dragon fire is used to break down the Iron Throne and the swords used to arm thousand men.

Another theory suggests that the throne has a Valyrian blade. Once the Night King sits on it, he shatters on coming in contact with Valyrian steel.


Our take on the fan theories

While arming a thousand soldiers sounds more pragmatic, it is unlikely Cersei would allow the Iron Throne to be melted.

The Valyrian blade in the Iron Throne killing the Night King is far-fetched but would be a historic end that would have everyone talking.

Nonetheless, if the Night King prefers pure destruction to the Iron Throne's powers, this funny theory becomes invalidated.

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