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17 Oct 2018

#ComicBytes: Five coolest gadgets owned by Batman

Being a superhero is not easy, especially without superpowers. However, Batman does this job effortlessly.

His secret is, of course, the immense wealth and resources of the Wayne family.

This gives him access to the coolest toys and gadgets, from the simple but effective Batarang to a specific suit designed to defeat the Justice League.

Here are the five coolest gadgets owned by Batman.

Lie detector

Catching the lies red handed

Batman is primarily a detective and often has to interrogate criminals.

While his intimidation tactics and fists are usually enough to coax the truth out of most hardened delinquents, he has an added perk in his cowl.

A built-in lie detector allows him to study a criminal's body temperature and heart rate and the cowl's lens tells him if criminals are lying.

Bat beacon

A little winged backup

Batman becomes an urban legend in one of the most visually invigorating sights in 'Batman: Year One'.

When he is outnumbered and cornered by the GCPD, he summons a swarm of bats using the bat beacon, a high pitched sonar device.

The chaos caused by the bats allows Batman to escape undetected.

Notably, the iconic scene was recreated by Christopher Nolan in 'Batman Begins'.

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The hottest wheels on Gotham's streets

The Batmobile is one of the most used vehicles by Batman in his crime-fighting attempts.

The car is so decked with gadgets and guns that it could take on a small army on its own.

However, what is even cooler is that the vehicle can be summoned by remote control, which is a feature Batman often uses in tough spots to make quick getaways.

Utility belt

The most iconic Batman gadget

Batman's utility belt is an iconic part of his costume and has a mysterious capacity to hold all his crime-fighting gadgets.

His grapple gun couples itself to the belt, the Batarangs can be folded and kept in it, and it even has a lead-lined case for his deadliest weapon.

What's even cooler is that the utility belt zaps anyone with electricity upon unwanted contact.


The best protection is preparedness

Batman's greatest weapon is his mind. Batman always goes into battle prepared.

This is why he keeps a Kryptonite ring in his utility belt's lead-lined pouch, in case he needs to take on his friend, Superman.

Notably, in the Hush series when Poison Ivy controlled Superman's mind, Batman used the ring to try and knock some sense into the Man of Steel.

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