Netflix cancels Luke Cage after second season


22 Oct 2018

Marvel's 'Luke Cage' gets canceled by Netflix

The hero from Harlem, Luke Cage, quickly became a Netflix favorite for his bulletproof skin and the subtle exploration of racial issues in the show.

However, after two successful seasons, the show was canceled on Friday, October 19.

This marks the second Marvel show to be axed by Netflix, the first being the panned series, 'Iron Fist'.

Here are all the details.

Cancelation news

Already took Malcolm and Martin, this is the last one

Netflix and Marvel Television issued a joint statement about the show being canceled.

They announced that the show would not be returning for the third season and thanked everyone involved, including the dedicated showrunner, the cast, crew, and writers who all helped bring Harlem's hero to life over two seasons.

Lastly, they thanked the fans for supporting and showing their love for Luke Cage.

Sudden axing

A surprising turn of events

Fans are disheartened and a little surprised by the news. Since Mike Colter, who plays Cage, was still under contract and scriptwriters were working on the third season, it was assumed the show would get renewed.

However, the show's cancelation has been blamed on creative differences between Marvel and Netflix.

Reports suggest that tensions were rising for a month and culminated in Friday's exit.

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There's a new kid in town

On hearing that Luke Cage too was canceled, a few optimistic fans theorized that Iron Fist and Luke Cage might team up in a 'Heroes for Hire' spin-off, inspired by comics of the same name.

However, chances are with Disney launching its own streaming platform, all Marvel content will be reclaimed and streamed exclusively by them.

Netflix's tryst with Marvel might be ending soon.

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