Five times when Thor's hammer was destroyed


27 Oct 2018

#ComicBytes: Five times Thor's hammer was broken

Thor's hammer Mjolnir is one of the strongest items in the Marvel Universe and the source of the God of Thunder's powers.

While the hammer cannot even be lifted by the unworthy, the powerful weapon has been destroyed several times in battles.

Most recently, 'Thor Ragnarok' saw Hela, Thor's sister, destroy Mjolnir easily.

We bring to you five other times Thor's hammer was broken.

The Destroyer

Split right in two

Remember the first Thor movie, where Loki sent a Destroyer, an Asgardian powerful sentry, to destroy the earth?

In 'To Kill a Thunder God!', the Destroyer slices Mjolnir into two, using an energy blast.

Thor barely escapes and finds his hammer's magical powers shattered with its structural integrity.

Surprisingly, Pittsburgh's forgeries serve as his salvation, where he fixes Mjolnir and eventually defeats the Destroyer.


Hammer of the Gods, drive our ships to new lands

Celestials are God-like beings who maintain order in the universe from a distance.

However, Exitar, the executioner of the Celestials, regularly appears to destroy planets, which have been deemed failures. He met Thor on one such mission.

A fearsome battle ensued and Thor pierced Exitar's skull with a huge energy blast from Mjolnir. However, in the process, his hammer melted into a metal puddle.

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What's a God to a non-believer?

In all of Thor's comics, his toughest enemies have been the Dark Gods. They are the evil counterparts of the Asgardian Gods.

Thor battles Perrikus, one such God, who easily resists Mjolnir's attacks.

When he hits back with his enchanted scythe, he slices the hammer in two.

However, the hammer retains its magical powers, allowing Thor to repair it and defeat Perrikus.


They are many, you are few

In the 'Disassembled' comic arc, Loki finally managed to break the very weapon that he coveted the most.

Having discovered the magical Dwarven forges, Loki made copies of the hammer using Uru metal. Although they lacked the original enchantments of Mjolnir, it did not stop Loki.

The cumulative attack from all weapons leads to a massive explosion that leaves Mjolnir shattered, and Thor defeated.


You have the heaviest arm under the sky

Bor, Thor's grandfather, was frozen by Loki who traveled back in time.

Upon releasing him in present-day New York, Loki tricked Bor into seeing demons.

When the Asgardian went on a rampage, Thor stepped up, not knowing he was his grandfather.

The final blow Thor struck, destroyed Mjolnir and killed Bor.

To compound the trauma, Thor realized Bor was his grandfather, after his death.

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