Harry Potter actress praises Jude Law's 'manipulative' Dumbledore


30 Oct 2018

#FantasticBeasts: Jude Law's 'manipulative' Dumbledore is praised as perfect

'Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald' is the sequel to the franchise inspired by JK Rowling's Harry Potter spin-off works. It would release on November 16.

Fans are excited to see the rise of Grindelwald, the dark wizard played by Johnny Depp.

However, Evanna Lynch, who played Luna Lovegood in the Potter movies, revealed her excitement about Jude Law's Dumbledore.

Here's what she said.


The first glimpse of Albus Dumbledore

Fans got a first glimpse in the trailer, of Hogwart's headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, at a young age, played by Jude Law.

The younger, clean-shaven version of Dumbledore will likely battle Grindelwald sometime in the film, as readers will know.

Notably, Lynch says that appearances aside, Law is perfect as Dumbledore as he captures the 'serenity, that inner peace' and 'manipulative side'.

Lynch decodes Dumbledore's character

Lynch said, "Dumbledore's a kind person...not manipulative in an evil way. He wants to get people on his side, fighting for the right thing. You see that in book six... shown more, explored more, in this movie. From what I've seen, I think he's perfect".

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Our take on Dumbledore's manipulation

Before the new movie launches, we take a look at Dumbledore's manipulative nature.

Notably, in films and books, his brother Aberforth accused him of being manipulative and warned Harry not to blindly trust the old headmaster.

The upcoming movie's trailer too, shows Dumbledore trying to enlist Eddie Redmayne's Newt Scamander to fight Grindelwald, saying he couldn't make a move against the dark wizard himself.

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