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02 Nov 2018

#ComicBytes: Daredevil's five best superpowers

Daredevil recently became a popular character after three successful seasons on Netflix.

Matt Murdock's Daredevil is portrayed on the show as a man with heightened sense, who is all too human in his endeavors as the Devil of Hell's Kitchen.

However, Murdock is extremely talented, from being a lawyer to a vigilante and actually possesses superpowers.

Here are Daredevil's five best superpowers.

In context

All about the superpowers of Daredevil


The sound of a beating heart

Perhaps Daredevil's best superpower is superhuman hearing. While the average human can hear only around 20 decibels, Daredevil can hear as low as 7 decibels.

This helps him hear heartbeats and it acts as a sonar which gives the blind hero an advantage in combats.

Moreover, he can detect the fluctuations in heartbeats when people lie, making him a human lie detector.

Expert marksman

One shot do not miss your chance to blow

Daredevil has shown considerable expertise in using the batons in combat on the Netflix show.

However, what is little known about the hero is that he is an expert marksman specializing in sniper rifles. He is a skilled archer as well.

He is also skilled at throwing projectiles like shurikens and knives.

Maybe we will see him using these skills against Bullseye next season.

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Accelerated healing

Now he's back in the ring, to take another swing

Daredevil's years of martial arts training has perfected his control over the central nervous system.

This not only lets him perform extraordinary feats of strength but also helps in the healing process.

As Netflix's seasons have shown us Daredevil often returns from fights bloodied and bruised. However, he can force his body to heal faster, so he can get back into the fray.


The hypersensitivity of Daredevil

Daredevil's senses are so heightened that not only can he detect heat and sound of nearby people, but also detect the atmospheric disturbances emitted by them.

This superpower works like a sonar or echolocation technique wherein he can detect sound waves given off by people.

The skill, mastered under Stick's tutelage, allows Daredevil to anticipate the arrival of the many teleporters in Marvel's universe.

Fear toxin immunity

Expose yourself to deepest fear; then fear has no power

Daredevil along the various issues of comics began to be known as 'The Man Without Fear', since his 1964 debut.

People might assume it is because of the courage it takes for a blind orphan to take up crime fighting. However, the truth is much more literal.

Murdock has developed an immunity to various kinds of fear toxins and other fear inciting mystical spells.

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