Deepika Padukone on quitting acting post wedding


05 Nov 2018

Deepika hints at quitting acting after marriage with Ranveer

Deepika Padukone is all set to marry her boyfriend of six years Ranveer Singh on November 14.

The wedding festivities have already begun and the bride-to-be is visibly excited about her new journey.

As expected, there are ample speculations about her career post-wedding and there have been whispers about whether Deepika would continue to work after taking the 'saath pheras'.

Here's what she said.

Deepika's Statement

I can quit acting: Deepika

I can quit acting: Deepika

Recently, Deepika was quizzed about whether she would continue working in movies after entering the nuptial bond with Ranveer.

To this, the bride-to-be replied, "I can quit acting and lead a domesticated, happy family life away from the limelight. For me, nothing is more important than the relevance of family in our lives. That feeling of completeness".

Future plans

But, Deepika sees herself as a working mother

Deepika's plans to quit acting will break a million hearts. But don't worry, as she is not leaving Bollywood anytime soon.

"It's too much a part of my life for me to say I can walk away from work. Today I can see myself as a working wife or mother. I think I'd drive everybody around me mad if I didn't work," she said.

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On motherhood

I want so many children: Deepika

I want so many children: Deepika

Deepika also spoke on her plans about motherhood and said that she wants lots of children.

Although she said that she doesn't know when it will happen but she plans to embrace motherhood gracefully.

"That's the only advice my parents have given me and I'd want to stick to that. I know the importance of family. I mean it really completes me," Deepika added.

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