Which are the coolest inventions by Tony Stark?


05 Nov 2018

#ComicBytes: The five coolest inventions by Tony Stark

Tony Stark is best known in the Marvel Universe as Iron Man. A brilliant scientist and billionaire, he usually dedicates his considerable intelligence to improving his Iron Man suits, which are packed with the latest technology.

However, over the years, Stark has also created some fantastic inventions, some downright scary, which cement his place as an innovator extraordinaire.

Read about Stark's five coolest inventions.


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Artificial Intelligence is commonly recognized as the technology that will run our gadgets in the future.

However, Stark has already created J.A.R.V.I.S., who is highly advanced and capable of holding conversations and managing all of Stark's tech and armor.

While in comics, he is actually his butler while Stark's AI is called H.O.M.E.R., a dependable AI is undoubtedly one of his coolest inventions.

Anti-gravity device

Floating in a tin can, far above the world

One of Stark's best inventions was the anti-gravity device. Unfortunately, it was stolen by Black Widow who was then a KGB agent, and Stark was forced to destroy it, never able to recreate it.

However, when functional, the device was a small red box which emitted a beam, counteracting gravitational force, or further increasing gravitational pull.

Notably, it was strong enough to lift mountains.

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Disintegrator Ray

You were never really here

Introduced in 'Tales to Astonish' comics in 1963, this invention is a relic from Stark's weapon developing days.

Small enough to be fit into flashlight cases, this weapon is lethal in its ability to dissolve all matter into nothingness, both organic and inorganic.

In fact, Stark gave the US Army a trial, where he used it to disintegrate a tank and a concrete wall.

Extremis 3.0 app

Immortality installed on your mobiles

Not all Stark's inventions are guided by the strongest ethics (remember Ultron?).

Although Extremis virus was made by Maya Hansen and Aldrich Killian, as 'Iron Man 3' showed, Stark improved it.

He created free-to-download Extremis 3.0 app, giving users perfect beauty, health, and immortality.

Once people were hooked, Stark revealed it was a trial run and forced users to pay him $99.99 per day.

Arc reactor

Going back to the start

The arc reactor is one of Stark's most recognized inventions and is an alternate source of clean energy.

The reactor powers Iron Man suits and keeps him alive, keeping shrapnel away from his heart.

The reactor also gives him superhuman intelligence, increased learning speeds, multitasking abilities, and higher cognitive abilities.

In short, the reactor is crucial to both Iron Man and Tony Stark.

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