Here's why the Batman is crazier than Joker


09 Nov 2018

#ComicBytes: Five times Batman proved he is crazier than Joker

Batman comes across as a psychologically troubled character whose vigilantism is a reaction formation and coping mechanism to his parents' tragic murder.

Joker's pregnant wife's death, and fall into the acid vat are tragedies too and psychopathic dissociation is his response.

Coming from similar backgrounds, both characters are troubled, and though Batman fights for good, here are five times he was crazier than Joker.

Batman's perversion

Some like it freaky

Batman is often Bruce Wayne's dominant persona.

In a comic where he makes love to Black Canary, he proposes to leave the masks on.

While this might be to protect both heroes' identities, the writers made it sound like Bruce liked it better that way.

Deriving greater sexual pleasure as Bruce's ideal ego, Batman, shows a troubled perversion that is unmatched by the Joker.


When clothes scream out trouble

Batman Of Zur-En-Arrh was one of the worst Batman costumes ever, with its garish colors. However, it also truly portrayed the chaotic troubled mind of the vigilante.

Not that dressing up as a bat and fighting on rooftops screams out perfect mental health, but the purple and red, color combination of the suit is reminiscent of Joker's own choice of colors, reflecting Batman's madness.

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Joker Toxin

Laughter is the best medicine

In 'The Man Who Laughs', Bruce wants to test the antidote to the Joker toxin he made, and he does so by consuming Joker toxin himself.

This episode has a brilliant moment where the toxin overpowers Bruce and for a moment, the Batman and the Joker are the same.

Although Bruce eventually cures himself, the extremities he goes to, shows severe mental instability.

Green Lantern

It was all yellow

Green Lantern and Batman disagreed once over crime-fighting methods and Batman feared that a meeting with Green Lantern might go out of hand.

Knowing that the Lantern's powers did not work on anything yellow, he painted the entire room yellow along with himself and sat drinking lemonade.

While this is more ingenuity than insanity, the sociopathy displayed here is reminiscent of Joker's darker madness.

Killing Joke

You will laugh and I will cry

Alan Moore's 'The Killing Joke' explores Joker and Batman's psyche.

The Joker commits terrible acts, crippling and raping Barbara Gordon and torturing her father Commissioner Jim Gordon with the pictures.

Batman cannot bear the darkness of these acts and the final scene where Joker and Batman share maniacal laughter is proof of Batman's insanity.

Notably, the conclusion suggests Batman chokes the Joker while laughing.

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