Which are the most powerful DC weapons?


20 Nov 2018

#ComicBytes: Five most powerful weapons in the DC Universe

Over the years, DC Universe has seen some incredibly powerful heroes and villains grace the pages of their comics.

To give all characters a fair chance, numerous powerful objects were included in this universe with deadly offensive capabilities, that would even the playing field.

Some weapons are magical, some scientific and others were created by this universe.

Read about DC's five most powerful weapons.

Justice Buster

Delivering justice with a power packed punch

The Justice League is the most popular and feared superhero group in the DC Universe with members like Superman and Wonder Woman.

This makes Batman's armor, the Justice Buster, one of the most powerful weapons.

Designed to exploit the weakness of every Justice League member, the armor even has a legendary artifact named 'Bind of Veils' to counter Wonder Woman's lasso of truth.

Trident of Neptune

The tides of war arrive at your shores

Currently wielded by Aquaman, the Trident of Neptune belongs to the Greek God of the sea.

Able to manipulate all forms of water and the entire mechanics of Atlantis, the Trident is extremely powerful in close and long range combat.

It is sharp enough to harm Darkseid, and can alter organic matter, control weather and fire electric bolts, making it extremely deadly.

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God Killer

The sword that make the Gods tremble

Forged for the feared assassin Deathstroke, by Hephaestus the blacksmith of the Gods, the God Killer can slay unkillable beings.

The sword can absorb energy and release devastating shock blasts.

The ability to split the sword into dual blades, changing it into a staff or whip allows Deathstroke to wield it to fit his varying combat techniques, making a battle turn lethal really quick.

Zeus armor

Power of the old Gods

The armor of Zeus was supposed to be worn by Wonder Woman but went to Jason.

The divine armor allows the wearer to access the powers of all the Gods of the Greek pantheon.

Jason has only summoned strength of Ares, speed of Hermes, wisdom of Athena, and winds of Zeus, but it potentially allows him to harness all the powers of Gods together.

Anti-Life Equation

The ultimate tool of nihilism

The ultimate tool of nihilism

Surprisingly DC's most powerful weapon is a mathematical equation.

Called Anti-Life Equation, it proves the meaninglessness of life and non-existence of free will.

Darkseid first completed it, gaining control over all who heard it.

It also gives the user immortality, ability to resurrect dead beings and control over antimatter universe.

The reality-altering effects coupled with controlling abilities make this the most formidable DC weapon.

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