There are Taimur-inspired dolls and we're stunned


21 Nov 2018

Taimur-dolls are a thing now. Congratulations on our appalling obsession

Taimur Ali Khan, the royal son of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan, has been breaking the internet for quite some time with his cute munchkin photos.

Over the last two years, his candid and adorable appearances have been 'awwed' several times.

But the 23-month-old's fandom has reached a whole new level this time, and we are stunned.

Here's what happened.


It has curly brown hair, blue eyes, a flesh-and-blood resemblance

It has curly brown hair, blue eyes, a flesh-and-blood resemblance

It seems like people just can't get enough of Taimur because now there are dolls fashioned on him and the resemblance is uncanny.

Known as 'Taimur' doll, the toy dons a white kurta, navy-blue pajamas, with a matching jacket. It has blue eyes and brown curly hair exactly like the toddler's.

It was first spotted at a store in Kerala by producer Ashvini Yardi.


Creepy or Adorable? Or simply stupid, netizens in a frenzy

Yardi shared the picture of the special doll on Twitter and it went viral in no time.

A mixed response from netizens has been witnessed as they couldn't decide if the doll is creepy or adorable.

Some, on the other hand, found the whole thing stupid and have flooded the internet with funny, sarcastic comments.

"Now everyone can have #Taimur," wrote one.

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You never know, we actually might see one!

Saifeena reacts

But, Saifeena feels it's a product of Taimur's fans' love

But, Saifeena feels it's a product of Taimur's fans' love

Meanwhile, the young nawab's parents appear to have accepted it as a token of love by Taimur's fans.

Kareena was initially at a loss of words. But, Saif said this showed people loved Taimur dearly and this is a blessing for him. Really?

Saif, jokingly, also said, "Maybe I should trademark his name."

Ruining childhood

This proves we have forgotten that he's just a child

It's an inevitable fact that Taimur will have eyes following him everywhere, whether he wants it or not.

But have we forgotten that apart from being the son of a powerful Bollywood couple, he's also an innocent 23-month-old child?

The obsession over a starkid has reached such a height where it's getting difficult for him to lead a normal life.

Honestly, it's quite appalling.

Irritating paparazzi

AbRam knows how to deal with paparazzi

AbRam knows how to deal with paparazzi

When it comes to ridiculous obsessions over celebrity-kids, Shah Rukh Khan's son AbRam is treated no differently.

Recently, while leaving from Amitabh Bachchan's granddaughter Aaradhya's birthday bash, AbRam got miffed with the photographers.

Seeing them taking his pictures, the 5-year-old screamed, "No pictures!"

It didn't take long for the little one to realize what was right for him, but when will the public realize?

Imagine the poor kid's horror

Stop the obsession

Yes, we're curious about starkids but they deserve normal childhood

There is no doubt that we are always eager to know every tiny detail of the starkids.

But, we've perhaps failed to realize that they need a normal childhood like every other kid out there.

A little less of camera and a little more of space is what they want.

And, a lot less obsession is what we need.

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