5 films to watch this November on Netflix


23 Nov 2018

Netflix and chill: 5 films you should binge-watch this weekend

Netflix is seriously upping its game in the content section by beginning to cater to different sections of the audience.

It has a healthy mix of popular and cult classic films, along with some of the finest recent content that is being created today.

With the inclusion of stellar content in their library, here are 5 movies you should watch on Netflix this weekend.

Coen Brothers

A picturesque trip to the Wild West

Love Westerns? Love beautiful landscapes? Then, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs by the Coen brothers is the film for you.

An anthology of 6 short stories, the tales range from absurd glorification and romanticization of the West to a deep existential exploration of characters and their actions in these wildlands.

Spectacular cinematography and undercutting of action with dark tragedy mark this unique film throughout.

Why you should watch it?

The tales are engrossing, they explore the human condition and this writer would specifically recommend The Girl Who Got Rattled' from the anthology. Furthermore, the film is a series of short vignettes, so you do not have to watch it all at once.

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Orson Welles

Throwback to one of Hollywood's greatest directors

Orson Welles, legendary Hollywood director, made a meta attempt as he tried to portray the plight of a man trying to make a last daring movie, towards the end of his career. Welles' ambitious project remained partially edited at his time of death.

Finally, the efforts of a passionate postproduction team ensured The Other Side of the Wind, Welles' final movie, came to Netflix.

Why you should watch it?

The Other Side of the Wind is a cultural goldmine, an exploration, and reflection of Welles towards the end of his career. A satire on Classic Hollywood and the 1970s avant-garde directors, it shows Welles' experimenting with form as it was shot as a mockumentary.

Martin Scorsese

A man with a dangerous intent

The 1962 thriller, Cape Fear, was remade by Martin Scorsese with Robert De Niro portraying the menacing Max Cady.

The story follows Max, who was convicted of violent rape and assault because of his own lawyer, Sam Bowden, played by Nick Nolte, who buried the evidence.

The story is an intense tale as Cady terrorizes Bowden's family until a final violent confrontation.

Why you should watch this film?

The most impactful aspect of the film arises from the character of the antagonist that De Niro effortlessly channels. Even his affability has an underlying tone of menace. Scorsese, who can make films pretty claustrophobic, keeps the audience on edge with Cape Fear.

Jeremy Saulnier

A modern day ode to exploitation films

Green Room is a grisly fest of violence, action, and mayhem. The story follows a punk band who get a gig in what turns out to be a Neo Nazi bar.

When they witness a murder there, they are holed up in the green room trying to violently escape, as the Neo Nazis plan to kill them to cover all evidence of the crime.

Why you should watch this film?

The movie, for those unaware, pays homage to an entire genre of films called 'exploitation movies'. This 1970s visual aspect is coupled with punk music, to give it an edgier feel. Rooted in harsh realism, it does not shy away from violence while retaining sensibility.

Robert Rodriguez

Quirky horror for Halloween season

Written by Quentin Tarantino and directed by Robert Rodriguez, From Dusk Till Dawn is a homage to grindhouse cinema, excellently capturing the absurd violence, bloodshed and pervasive elements of horror that are stylistically exaggerated to a degree of comedy.

The story follows two brothers, on the run from the law, who step into a Mexican bar which happens to be a den of vampires.

Why you should watch this film?

With Tarantino's writing, the dialogues are crisp and has a flair to them, which is compounded by George Clooney and Salma Hayek's presence. To top it up, the action is non stop and the mindless gore and violence of hardened criminals against vampires, is exciting.

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