Five strongest members of Justice League


25 Nov 2018

#ComicBytes: Who are the strongest members of the Justice League?

Justice League is the DC counterpart of Marvel's Avengers, a team of superheroes who battle monsters to defend earth and maintain balance in the universe.

Over the years, the members of Justice League have changed except the core founders.

Nonetheless, they have remained an extremely powerful group of superheroes.

We bring you the five most powerful members of the Justice League.

Captain Atom

Breaking it down to the basics

Nathaniel Adams, a US Air Force officer, was detonated inside an alien ship during an experiment.

The accident made him, Captain Atom, who has several powers including access to the 'quantum field' causing massive energy blasts, and flight.

He can transmute matter and his atoms constantly split and reform, making him nearly invincible.

His weakness is overusing his powers, destroying his physical form.

Wonder Woman

The feared Amazonian warrior

Wonder Woman, the Amazonian, has strength equalling Superman's but carries an edge over the Kryptonian powerhouse.

Equipped with magical weapons like her bracelets, tiara, and lasso of truth, Wonder Woman is extremely talented in melee fights, impervious to magic (unlike Superman) and has telepathic abilities.

Notably, post 2011 comics, she is the God of War and daughter of Zeus, making her powers potentially limitless.

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The magical strikes of lightning

Billy Batson was blessed with the power of 7 Gods.

He can transform into one of the world's most powerful beings by uttering the word 'Shazam!'

Although he is weak against lightning and magic, but has the powers of Gods like strength of Hercules, speed of Mercury, stamina of Atlas, powers of Zeus, courage of Achilles, and wisdom of Solomon.

Martian Manhunter

The powerhouse from Mars

Martian Manhunter has been honored by Superman as the most powerful being on earth.

Except for his weakness to fire, he can rearrange his cells to become intangible or make them denser to gain strength and invulnerability, matching Superman's strength.

Furthermore, he can shape shift and has telekinetic abilities as well.

Most importantly, he is one of the strongest telepaths in the DC Universe.

Doctor Fate

The fate of the universe rests in his hands

Doctor Fate's powers are potentially limitless as he wears the Helmet of Fate making him the avatar of Nabu, the sorcerer.

Nabu, being the most powerful sorcerer across dimensions, can warp the universe and multiverse, change history, grant himself any physical ability including unlimited strength, invulnerability, and flight.

Being essentially omnipotent, he can also hypnotize others, raise the dead and cast innumerable spells.

Honorable mentions in the Justice League

No Justice League team is complete without Superman and Batman. While the last Kryptonian is one of the most physically strongest and skilled warriors on the team, Batman has no powers but through meticulous planning, he has gone up against and defeated more powerful opponents.

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