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26 Nov 2018

'Shaktimaan' lands on Amazon Prime with two seasons. Nostalgia much?

"Hota hai jab aadmi ko apna gyaan, keh laaya voh..." If you don't know the name that comes after this, did you even watch TV as a kid?

And for all those who know, here's a good news.

The good old days are back as Shaktimaan, India's first superhero just landed on Amazon Prime with two complete seasons.

We can't hold back our excitement.

The show

From 1997-2005, 'Shaktimaan' glued us to DD National on Sundays

From 1997-2005, 'Shaktimaan' glued us to DD National on Sundays

Shaktimaan, the Indian superhero television-series, which made us gather before our TVs every Sunday at 12 PM, was one of the highest grossing shows on DD National in the 90s.

It aired from 13 September 1997 to 27 March 2005 and featured Mukesh Khanna in the lead.

The Kanoon Ka Dost, Murjimo Ka Dushman left us with innumerable memories.

Double life

We loved the mighty Shaktimaan and the nerdy Gangadhar

Shaktimaan, like every other superhero, led a double-life.

His alter-ego, Pandit Gangadhar Vidyadhar Mayadhar Omkarnath Shastri, with his bucky-teeth and geeky-spectacles, garnered a lot of giggles with his funny dialogues.

To hide his superhero identity, he worked as a photographer at a local newspaper office.

And, when the world was in trouble, all it took was a super-spin for Gangadhar to turn into Shaktimaan.

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India's 'Superman'

If Hollywood had 'Superman', we had 'Shaktimaan'

If Hollywood had 'Superman', we had 'Shaktimaan'

Yes, it was inspired by Hollywood's Superman, yes it was completely cliched, and yes, we still love it with all our hearts.

If Gangadhar was Clark Kent, let's not forget journalist Geeta Vishwas, the 'Lois Lane' of the show. She also cracked, "Gangadhar hi Shaktimaan hai."

While Superman had many villains, the malicious Tamraj Kilvish and his "Andhera Kayam Rahe" was all we needed.

"Sorry Shaktimaan"

Shaktimaan's life lessons were the moral science classes on TV

Shaktimaan also taught us how we can be our superheroes.

No, we don't need any supernatural powers, we just need to listen to Shaktimaan's 'Choti Choti Magar Moti Baatein'.

After the end of every episode, there was a segment where Shaktimaan would catch children doing wrong things and taught them life-lessons.

The children would apologize saying "Sorry Shaktimaan", which then became an iconic dialogue.


Walk down the memory lane, go watch 'Shaktimaan' on Prime

Walk down the memory lane, go watch 'Shaktimaan' on Prime

If all this has made you nostalgic, then head towards Amazon Prime, as it now streams not one but two seasons of Shaktimaan.

Oddly enough, the legendary show we watched at the age of 9 or 10 is rated 16+ on Prime.

Nevertheless, if you feel like taking the road down the memory lane, you know where to find your favorite childhood superhero.


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