Arjun Kapoor's special wishes for Ranveer


01 Dec 2018

Arjun expresses happiness for 'married' Ranveer in a special way

A best friend's wedding is one of the most awaited moments of our lives. We love to roast our soon-going-to-be-married friends and their expressions are priceless.

We are also more excited than they are and we go over the top during their wedding ceremonies.

Similarly, actor Arjun Kapoor has expressed happiness for his newly-married buddy Ranveer Singh in a rather special way.


'Gunday' director posts nostalgic tweet, Arjun starts roasting Ranveer

'Gunday' director posts nostalgic tweet, Arjun starts roasting Ranveer

Yesterday, director of Gunday, Ali Abbas Zafar tweeted a picture from the film featuring the leads - Bala (Arjun) and Bikram (Ranveer).

He said one of his two close friends is now a happily married man and asked Bala how he's doing.

To this, Arjun commented "Haal ''bae' haal hai" because Bikram has chosen Deepika to be their 'Bhabhi' and not Nandita (Priyanka Chopra).

Here is the tweet by Zafar

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Ranveer chooses Deepika not 'Nandita', leaves 'Bala' upset?


Decoding the bromance of Ranveer and Arjun

We all know Ranveer and Arjun are thick as thieves. Their bromance has always been charming and they share an amazing bond.

Speaking about their friendship, Arjun said that he has known Baba (that's how they refer to each other) for years and their friendship is beyond their professional camaraderie.

They have never given competition in the film-industry a chance to jeopardize their friendship.

'Gunday' bond

They are BFFs on and off screen

They are BFFs on and off screen

The duo's bromance was first revealed during their shooting of Gunday.

Just like the bond Bala and Bikram shared in the action thriller, they are partners in crime in real life too.

From taking wacky selfies to posting funny comments on each other's Instagram posts, their quirks are known to one and all.

Hitched buddy

We all can relate to Arjun's feelings for Ranveer

Now, when his best friend has tied the knot, we are sure Arjun is super excited and perhaps a little teary-eyed too.

His tweet for Ranveer is completely relatable to all those young adults whose friends have just gotten married and they know they'll now have to share their best friend.

But, they also know that it is all worth it.

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