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06 Dec 2018

#ComicBytes: Five craziest villains in Marvel Universe

When we think of crazy villains the first name that pops into our minds is Joker.

The DC villain's notoriety for insanity needs no introduction. However, in Marvel's world of numerous villains, there are bound to be some who can match the Joker's level of craziness if not exceed it.

With that in mind, we bring you, the five craziest villains in Marvel Universe.

In context

The craziest villains in Marvel Universe


A villain of utmost craziness and sadism

Madcap from Marvel comics has a similar origin story like the Joker.

A chemical accident killed his family but drove him mad and suicidal but gave him healing abilities.

Madcap's craziness has compounded his power that can make those around him go mad too.

Further, his mind is so far gone that he is incapable of feeling guilt after inflicting violence.

Phoenix Force

Mutant under the influence

Jean Grey started as a formidable mutant in the Marvel Universe.

However, the X-Men member went insane after a cosmic force called the Phoenix Force took over her mind and made her the Dark Phoenix.

Her powers allowed her to turn someone insane just by using her mind and the sheer magnitude of the destruction she was willing to unleash, makes her certifiably crazy.

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Purple Man

Your mind is out of control

Introduced as Kilgrave in the Jessica Jones Netflix series, the Purple Man's power includes getting others to do his bidding. He achieves it through pheromones.

His insanity leads him to use it for terrible purposes like enslaving Jessica Jones.

Essentially removing consent, the Purple Man makes people's bodies act on their own while leaving their minds trapped as witnesses to their horrible deeds.


A world full of terrors

Imagine Joker's insanity with Bruce Wayne's wealth and you get Arcade.

A sadistic killer, he is bent on designing elaborate ways to torture victims.

He lovingly calls his world full of traps 'Murderland' and leaves an escape in these for his victims.

This does not speak to his goodness, as his sadistic streak amuses him to watch victims retain the hope of escaping.


An unparalleled love of killing

If madness is the name of the game, Carnage has to be on top of this list.

A deranged serial killer combined with a symbiote gives rise to Carnage and he is as brutal as he is insane.

Capable of turning his hands into any weapon, Carnage once went on an unrestrained killing spree and drove New York City mad in Maximum Carnage.

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