07 Dec 2018

#AvengersEndgame: The much-awaited trailer brings back our beloved superheroes

The fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have all the reasons to rejoice as the trailer of Avengers 4 just dropped.

For those who have been following the movies for years now, this is surely going to be emotional, more so after the mad titan, Thanos, wiped away half of the universe by snapping his fingers.

The upcoming movie traces what happened after that.

Looking back

What has happened so far

What has happened so far

The 2018 movie titled Avengers: Infinity War brought together all the superheroes who were loved by the world over all these years.

They joined hands to ensure Thanos didn't get his hands on all the six infinity stones, but he did.

Despite all their might, the heroes failed in the mission and Thanos brought what he thinks is equality to the universe.

The beginning

The trailer starts with Stark recording an emotional message

Say hello to the next step, Avengers Endgame. Yes, after months of speculations we finally know the name of the movie.

The trailer starts with Tony Stark aka Iron Man (played by Robert Downey Jr.) getting emotional. A beaten man, Stark, records a message for Pepper Potts, telling her a part of the journey is the end.

He sees his end and promises he will think about her.

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Sad heroes

Lost and dejected, our heroes aren't in best state

Lost and dejected, our heroes aren't in best state

But Stark is not the only one who is seeing darkness, others are too. We see Black Widow (essayed by Scarlett Johansson) saying Thanos has achieved what he set out to.

We also see Captain America (played by Chris Evans) and Thor (portrayed by Chris Hemsworth), mourning what they have lost.

The clip also gives a glimpse of Hawkeye, who was missing from Infinity War.

The beginning of the end is here

There's hope

They are down but not defeated

But like mentioned earlier, the fight is far from over. Few seconds into the trailer we realize our heroes may have found a solution to halt the madness, and we think Ant-Man (played by Paul Rudd) might have something to do with it.

Just like it is expected, Avengers Endgame will have the superheroes combine to fight Thanos, and in all probability, they will not be defeated this time.

The movie releases on April 26, 2019.

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