14 Dec 2018

Netflix's 'The Punisher' season 2 is coming in January 2019

Netflix has firmly established itself as a premiere streaming giant and is backing it up with exciting content.

For instance, their shows based on Marvel characters that are so immensely popular.

Exciting news is one of these fan favorite shows, The Punisher, is returning to Netflix for the second season in January 2019, as their teaser trailer shows.

Read all about it here.


News of show's return arrives a year after Netflix's announcement

Netflix's teaser tells us all the shows that are coming in January and, tucked into the exciting video, is the news of the return of The Punisher.

Notably, the news arrives approximately a year after Netflix announced that a second season for the show had been greenlit.

The small clip also shows Frank Castle return as the vigilante Punisher, as he prepares for war.

Show cast

Three new members joining cast, to cross paths with Frank

The new season will see some favorite characters return.

John Bernthal obviously resumes the titular role.

Ben Barnes returns as Billy Russo or Jigsaw, Punisher's main antagonist, while Jason R. Moore's Curtis Hoyle and Amber Rose Revah's Dinah Madani are also returning.

Three new members, Floriana Lima, Josh Stewart and Giorgia Whigham are joining as supporting characters, who will cross paths with Frank (Bernthal).

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Season 2

The expectations we have from 'The Punisher'

The Punisher first appeared, on Netflix, in Daredevil. A gritty vigilante with a code of conduct and mental issues, the character gained popularity.

This led to The Punisher standalone show, which received praise for staying true to comic roots while exploring Frank's psyche.

Hopefully, season 2 will explore Frank coping with the pain of losing his family and his code of vigilante justice.

Possible cancellation?

Excitement with a dash of bittersweet feeling

While news of season 2 excites us, there is a tinge of sadness.

This is because, following Netflix's cancellation of Marvel shows including Iron Fist, Luke Cage and the immensely popular Daredevil, The Punisher and Jessica Jones are the only series left.

Since they too will probably be canceled after their respective seasons, we hope The Punisher season 2 concludes Frank Castle's story well.

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