Re-released 'Deadpool 2' has emotional Stan Lee tribute


15 Dec 2018

'Once Upon a Time in Deadpool's emotional Stan Lee tribute

Deadpool 2 was re-released with as a PG-13 version this month and renamed Once Upon a Time in Deadpool.

As with all Marvel movies, this film was to have a Stan Lee cameo too. However, since the legendary comic writer passed away in November, at the age of 95, the new film paid a touching tribute to him in the cameo.

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Befittingly, the tribute ends with Lee's iconic catchphrase 'Excelsior!'

Lee was paid homage to through a cameo in the post-credit scene of the film.

A montage of pictures of Lee over the years is shown along with bits from an interview.

With A-Ha's Take on Me playing in the background, we are also shown a picture of Lee's signature with 1923-2018 written underneath.

Befittingly, the tribute ends with Lee's iconic catchphrase 'Excelsior!'.

Touching lines from Lee's interview

The montage shows us Lee's interview saying how he would like to be remembered. Lee said, "He wrote some really good stories. I don't think about that much. When I'm gone, I really don't care. It doesn't do you any good when you're gone".

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Lee's humor

Not all bits of the homage are sad

Lee, who was always optimistic about life and created entire universes to bring joy to people, would not want his tribute to be all doom and gloom.

Interestingly, part of the tribute includes footage of Lee poking fun at Deadpool and asking him why his costume is not green, referring to Ryan Reynolds' stint as Green Lantern in the movie of the same name.

Movie scene

Remember Lee's mural? It has an addition now

For those unaware, Deadpool 2 had the mural of Lee on a building, which was visible when Domino flew past it while jumping from the X-Force helicopter.

However, this time, in Once Upon A Deadpool, when the scene appears on screen, audiences can see the same mural but with the words 'RIP' written beside Lee's face, paying homage to the recently deceased Marvel icon.

This is not the last of Lee's cameos in Marvel

Naturally, fans of Lee will be touched by the tribute. However, this is not the last of Lee's posthumous post-credits we will be seeing. He already voices a store owner in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Russo brothers have confirmed his cameo in Avengers: Endgame.

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