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16 Dec 2018

#ComicBytes: Five best comics of 2018

As 2018 comes towards a close, let us look back at the year and how it was for the extremely intricate and varied world of comics.

The year has seen plenty of comics that have raised important questions regarding our emotions and challenged our value systems. We have had grand and relatable stories in the comic world.

We present five best comics of 2018.


The science fiction work to keep you on edge

Saga is one of the greatest works of science fiction in the comics universe.

It has been continuing for over 50 issues and is the result of a joint effort of Fiona Staples and Brian K Vaughan.

The unique comic tells the story of intergalactic star-crossed lovers and deals with themes of infidelity, political warfare, tragedy, and drug addiction, making it extremely immersive.

Batman White Knight

A new take on a classic relationship

DC's complex relationship between Batman and Joker has long been played out over numerous issues and has sparked much debate.

However, the latest take by Sean Murphy is through the eight-issue mini-series, titled Batman White Knight.

The series deals with how the Joker might have finally been cured of his madness but perhaps his new lifestyle has pushed the caped crusader over the edge.

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Red Goblin

Double the trouble for Spider Man

Dan Slott finishes his run with the Spider-Man comics in a remarkable manner.

Amazing Spider-Man: Red Goblin tells the tale of the web-crawler as he faces two of his worst enemies together.

Norman Osborne, in his quest to find the cure from turning into the Green Goblin, comes across the symbiote known as Carnage.

The ensuing high action tale leaves Spider-Man battered and broken.

Immortal Hulk

The curse of immortality

Immortal Hulk is a masterfully scripted tale by Al Ewing.

He builds on the Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde persona of Bruce Banner and the Hulk, exploring how the human scientist reconciles with the green rage monster.

In a truly horrific style, aided with brilliant artwork, the realization dawns on us that Banner is doomed to live out his monstrous existence as the Hulk.

Black Panther

A look into the nation of Wakanda

Ta-Nehisi Coates returns to write on one of Marvel's most iconic heroes, Black Panther.

In the 2018 issue of Black Panther, Coates explores how Wakanda is an intergalactic empire and T'Challa's responsibilities in this regard.

While the tale is action-packed, thought-provoking and intimate, it is dipped stylistically into science fiction elements.

Daniel Acuna's brilliant utilization of visuals complements the writing, making this comic incomparable.

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