Trump calls 'Saturday Night Live', 'Democrat Spin Machine'


18 Dec 2018

Trump says 'Saturday Night Live' is 'Democrat Spin Machine'

Saturday Night Live on NBC is often known for its caustic wit and parodies, especially the skits on Donald Trump.

Their recent sketch appeared last week and poked fun at the American President, again.

While the skit itself was funny with comic punchlines, it drew the ire of Trump, who decided to go on Twitter and criticize the show.

Read what he said, here.


The skit parodied a Christmas classic and more

SNL boldly parodied the Christmas classic It's a Wonderful Life as It's a Wonderful Trump.

This marked the final cold open for SNL 2018, and the parody included notable actors including Alec Baldwin returning as Trump, Ben Stiller as Michael Cohen, Robert De Niro as Robert Mueller and host Matt Damon returned as Brett Kavanaugh.

The sketch portrayed a world without Trump as President.

SNL's humor

The skit included everything: Cohen's admission to Mueller's comments

The skit did not miss any chance to poke fun at Trump, as Stiller played Cohen, his ex-lawyer, and told Trump that everything he did was on Trump's directive.

This joke comes from Cohen's admission that he acted on Trump's orders.

De Niro's appearance as special counsel Robert Mueller was the nail in the coffin, as he joked about investigating 'some idiot for treason'.

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SNL is 'unfair news coverage and Dem commercials,' says Trump

Although SNL's skit was humorous and hard-hitting, Trump lashed back.

He remarked, "A REAL scandal is the one sided coverage, hour by hour, of networks like NBC & Democrat spin machines, like Saturday Night Live."

Calling it nothing less than 'unfair news coverage and Dem commercials', defamatory and belittling, Trump raised questions about the show's legality and threatened to test it in the courts.

Trump lashes out on Twitter


Learn to take a joke, Mr. President!

Trump and SNL share a rocky relationship, with the President calling Baldwin's performance an agony for people forced to watch it.

However, what must be noted is that freedom of speech allows a show like SNL to parody and poke fun at political figures, even if it might offend Trump's personal sentiments.

Maybe Trump should stop throwing tantrums and learn to take a joke!

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