Upcoming comics to get excited about in 2019


01 Jan 2019

#ComicBytes: Five most anticipated comics of 2019

The new year brings hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

As we dare to keep on believing, we look towards those comics that have been there for us.

Apart from the usual Marvel and DC comics, there's a host of other upcoming releases that have us all excited about 2019.

Read about the five most anticipated comics of 2019.

Comic 1

Buffy the Vampire slayer gets a reboot series

Originally under Dark Horse comics, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is now getting a reboot from BOOM! Studios.

The first issue is expected to release in January and re-imagines Buffy's character differently from the existing comics and the show.

Made by Dan Mora and Jordie Bellaire, we eagerly await to see how Mora's artwork suits the modern tone that the new Buffy comic will explore.

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Comic 2

Captain Marvel will hit theaters and comic shelves in 2019

Captain Marvel will be hitting the big screen as the latest and most powerful character of MCU yet.

With all the new hype around the character, it makes her upcoming comic even more anticipated.

We will see Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel as she makes a new team including Spider-Woman, Echo, and Hazmat.

The cover shows them in new costumes, which look really cool.

Comic 3

Young Justice, the favorite child superheroes are back

Young Justice will see a resurgence in 2019 as our favorite team, including Tim Drake, Connor Kent, and Bart Allen, return.

The issue is being written by Brian Michael Bendis known for Ultimate Spider-Man, and we believe the story is in safe hands.

Part of Wonder Comics, Young Justice is the kind of team stories Bendis excels at, which has us very excited.

Comic 4

Doomsday Clock #9- Dr. Manhattan takes on the DC Universe

Doomsday Clock has been a running issue from 2017, and Dr. Manhattan, one of DC's strongest characters and member of the Watchmen made his presence known.

The ninth issue is scheduled to come out on January 30, 2019, and has teased a conflict between Dr. Manhattan and DC's heroes.

Will Manhattan rewrite DC's timeline like New 52? We cannot wait to find out!

Comic 5

Spider-Man: Life Story- The webcrawler through the ages

Spider-Man: Life Story releasing in Spring 2019, has us most excited, as it could be path-breaking for Spider-Man comics and the whole genre.

It will explore Peter Parker through the ages as he grows old and how the world and his role as a hero changes with time.

The first issue is set in 1966 and the mini-series promises great things.

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