Do you know these dangerous Captain Marvel villains?


04 Jan 2019

#ComicBytes: Top five Captain Marvel villains

Captain Marvel is coming to our screens this year and we will get to see the war between the Kree and Skrull alien races.

With the Captain Marvel movie, the character of Carol Danvers will be introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thus we hope to see her in subsequent films facing other villains from her rogue's gallery.

Here're top five Captain Marvel villains.

Villain 1

The Brood: Mindless alien race infecting entire planets

Captain Marvel is being introduced to us as a peacekeeper in outer space. Thus it is likely she will encounter various alien races.

One of the villains we hope to see in future movies is the Brood. This parasitic, insect-like race follow their queen mindlessly and infect different species with their eggs.

They have often tangled with Danvers on her duties as Captain Marvel.

Villain 2

Deathbird: The alien with talon-tipped wings

Deathbird or Cal'syee Neramani is a member of the alien Shi'ar race and has wings that are talon tipped.

Although an X-Men villain, this character has fought Captain Marvel numerous times. Further with the hinted Fox-MCU merger, this would be an ideal time to introduce the character.

With superhuman strength and other physical attributes, this could be another major female MCU villain after Hela.

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Villain 3

Moonstone: Similar origins as Captain Marvel, and a suitable villain

Moonstone or Karla Sofen got her powers from a Kree gravity stone. Notably, powers of Danvers are of Kree origin too, making these two well-matched.

With powers like minor molecular control, photon blasts and gravity manipulation, she is an extremely powerful villain.

Moreover, by introducing her, MCU could also show the formation of the Dark Avengers under Norman Osborne, after their current phase ends.

Villain 4

Puppet Master: A villain to make a bigger statement

Puppet Master or Phillip Masters has one major power. He can make radioactive clay puppets and use psionic powers to control characters which the puppets look similar to.

He usually likes controlling females to do his bidding and the movies could show this as a deeper gender issue.

Since Puppet Master has faced Danvers several times in comics, he could come to movies soon.

Villain 5

Skrulls: Meet the shape-shifting alien race

The upcoming Captain Marvel movie will introduce the Skrulls to us. Remember Danvers punching the old lady in the metro in the trailer? She was a shape-shifting Skrull.

While the current movie will show the Kree Skrull war, in the future, Danvers could still face the Skrulls as part of the Secret Invasion arc where the aliens infiltrated superhero groups like the Avengers.

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