04 Jan 2019

'The Punisher' confirms Season 2 release date through intense trailer

The Punisher is one of Netflix's last remaining Marvel shows and explores the story of commando turned vigilante Frank Castle or the Punisher.

While the first season received praise, the second season promises to be even more explosive as the teasers showed.

Although the release date got leaked earlier, as we had reported, Netflix dropped a new intense trailer and confirmed the date.

Trailer details

Trailer introduces the protagonist and antagonist for Season 2

Noticeably, the new trailer from Netflix does not show any footage from the upcoming Season 2.

Instead, it shows Frank Castle, or the Punisher and Billy Russo, his archenemy Jigsaw.

Both actors John Bernthal and Ben Barnes give intense voiceovers to their respective characters, indicating there will be some epic showdown in this season.

In conclusion, Netflix confirms January 18 as the release date.

The Punisher

Let me be what I'm meant to be, Castle declares

Netflix defines the upcoming season as a story where Castle becomes embroiled in the attempted murder of a girl.

The investigation makes him a target of old and new enemies.

Forced to embrace his destiny, in-trailer Castle remarks, 'Let me be what I'm meant to be'.

He concludes, 'I'm not the one who dies. I'm the one that does the killing', promising high-octane action.

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Billy Russo goes over the edge to complete villainy

Russo's reveal as Jigsaw is a bit different from comics.

Although the trailer shows him take off his bandages from his Season 1 injuries, his face does not appear disfigured enough.

Instead, he wears a mask looking like jigsaw pieces fitted together.

However, the trailer indicates that his mind has been more fragmented than his physical fragmentation, making this Jigsaw all the more dangerous.

The trailer has multiple puzzle references

While Jigsaw's name is never explicitly mentioned, there are multiple references to puzzles. Russo refers to a bomb going off in his head, fragmenting it. Frank tries to piece the puzzles of his life together, but some pieces don't fit. Jigsaw is everywhere in Season 2.


Season 2 shows promise, but will it save the show?

From what the trailer shows, Season 2 has immense promise and the showdown between Frank and Billy ought to be magnificent, as Billy seeks revenge and Frank tries to face his destiny as a vigilante.

Despite the exciting season, it might not be enough to save the show as Netflix keeps canceling Marvel content.

However, if The Punisher leaves, it's leaving with a blast.

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Will there be a next season of Iron Fist?

What other Marvel shows are there on Netflix now?

When did the Punisher first appear in comics?

Is the Punisher show headed to Disney after this?

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Will there be a next season of Iron Fist?

Asked 2019-01-05 19:26:09 by VIK-E DHALIWAL

Answered by NewsBytes

Not on Netflix, at least. Iron Fist has already been canceled on Netflix.

What other Marvel shows are there on Netflix now?

Asked 2019-01-04 16:56:49 by Arnav Sen

Answered by NewsBytes

Jessica Jones is the only show apart from The Punisher that is currently on Netflix.

When did the Punisher first appear in comics?

Asked 2019-01-04 16:56:49 by Trisha Malik

Answered by NewsBytes

The Punisher was first introduced as a character in Spider-Man comics in 1974.

Is the Punisher show headed to Disney after this?

Asked 2019-01-04 16:56:49 by Divya Shah

Answered by NewsBytes

Most likely, Disney+ the upcoming streaming service promising to host all Marvel content will host The Punisher as well.

Who is the villain in season 2?

Asked 2019-01-04 16:56:49 by Surabhi Sharma

Answered by NewsBytes

Apart from Jigsaw or Billy Russo, there is an alt-right villain named John Pilgrim in season 2.

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