'Aquaman' beats 'Dark Knight Rises' in overseas collections


06 Jan 2019

'Aquaman' becomes DC's biggest movie ever, overseas

James Wan-directed film Aquaman starring notable actors like Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson has been a resounding success and has made a huge splash at the box office.

Not only that but the story about half-human, half-Atlantean, Arthur Curry aka Aquaman, has now become DC's biggest film ever overseas, even toppling The Dark Knight Rises in terms of box office collections.

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Box-office collections

'Aquaman' topples 'The Dark Knight Rises' in box-office

The Dark Knight Rises, directed by Christopher Nolan, marking the end of his trilogy, set a box-office milestone earning more than $1 billion worldwide, making around $574 million internationally.

However, it seems as though our trident-wielding Aquaman is giving the Bat some tough competition. Aquaman has already earned $649.3 million overseas and might end up earning $887.6 million worldwide this week itself, through Friday.

Billionaire club

$1 billion within the grasp of 'Aquaman' movie

Aquaman is showing no signs of slowing down and could easily reach the $1 billion mark in coming weeks, depending on their overseas performance.

Notably, the film is set to release in Japan on February 8, 2019.

Thanks to Aquaman, Warner Bros. is having its best year yet, having made $3.62 billion and $5.57 billion at overseas and worldwide box-offices, in 2018, respectively.

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Best performances

Top 5 markets for 'Aquaman'

Now that we have established Aquaman performed phenomenally overseas, here we take a look at the best performances across various markets.

Among 5 best-performing markets is China where the film became the second highest grossing superhero movie of all time. Other markets include Korea where it earned $32.1 million, Brazil where it made $26.4 million, Mexico earning $25.3 million and the UK $21.6 million.

Number one movie overseas could give up spot to 'Bumblebee'

Despite its terrific run and collections, while remaining in the number one spot in several screens overseas, Aquaman might have to give up the top spot to the newly released Transformers spinoff, Bumblebee by Paramount Pictures, that is witnessing a solid start.

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Will there be an Aquaman sequel?

Will there be a Batman Aquaman crossover?

What DC movies are coming out in 2019?

Where can I watch 'Aquaman' online?

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Will there be an Aquaman sequel?

Asked 2019-01-06 20:22:09 by Sai Verma

Answered by NewsBytes

Seeing the film's monumental success it stands to reason that Aquaman will get a sequel.

Will there be a Batman Aquaman crossover?

Asked 2019-01-06 20:22:09 by Angel Rao

Answered by NewsBytes

Maybe in the future, but for now there are no plans of Aquaman and Batman crossing over in a film. Notably, they already had a crossover in the Justice League movie.

What DC movies are coming out in 2019?

Asked 2019-01-06 20:22:09 by Surabhi Jindal

Answered by NewsBytes

Joker, Shazam! and Wonder Woman 1984 is releasing this year.

Where can I watch 'Aquaman' online?

Asked 2019-01-06 20:22:09 by Cheshta Malik

Answered by NewsBytes

Aquaman can be viewed in theaters and there might be copies online available for download, but I would suggest you enjoy the experience in a theater.

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