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07 Jan 2019

#ComicBytes: Five biggest superhero battles in Marvel

Marvel is a giant in the comic industry. It has created some of the most powerful superheroes.

While these superheroes usually work alone or in a team to take down bad guys, sometimes they have disagreements which lead to brawls among themselves.

For those invested in these characters, it is always interesting to see who wins.

Read about Marvel's five biggest superhero showdowns.

Battle 1

Thor vs Beta Ray Bill- Worthy of Mjolnir

Thor faces an alien Beta Ray Bill in this issue. While the character itself was never made out to be too great, their battle will remain memorable in Marvel history.

The God of Thunder faces the alien who defeats him and proves himself worthy of wielding Thor's magical hammer Mjolnir.

Luckily after the high octane fight, both opponents start respecting each other.

Battle 2

Hulk vs The Thing- A rumble to remember

The Hulk and The Thing are both pretty powerful brawlers and hard hitters in their respective teams and therefore the comics have put them up against one another several times to see who comes out on top.

In their earliest encounter Hulk really proved his might and for the first time Ben Grimm, or the Thing, began to doubt if he could defeat him.

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Battle 3

Spider-Man vs Wolverine- Webslinger proves his toughness

Spider-Man and Wolverine would not normally tangle but Spidey while tracking KGB assassins, had tangled with one of Wolverine's old buddies.

In the fight that ensued, it was adamantium claws versus webs and while Wolverine was feral, Spider-Man with his agility and super senses outmatched the beast.

He proved just how deadly Spider-Man could be, if not for the 'great power, great responsibility' motto.

Battle 4

Hulk vs Wolverine- Unstoppable beasts with killer rage

Hulk's immense power versus Wolverine's adamantium claws and healing powers make the battles between them fantastic.

One of the most memorable encounters occurred when Hulk accidentally knocked out an airborne plane.

Wolverine decided to teach him a lesson and a brutal fight followed. As is usually the case in encounters between these two, the fight ended in a draw but Hulk learned his lesson.

Battle 5

Silver Surfer vs Thor- Cosmic showdown for the ages

Thor, being one of the most powerful Marvel characters often finds himself battling equally powerful beings which make for interesting reads.

Once Loki convinced the Silver Surfer that Thor had become evil, and the Surfer tried to stop Thor. Thor tried to defend Asgard from the invading force.

A fierce cosmic battle followed but they both realized Loki was playing them and ceased fighting.

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